Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Planina Kuhinja pod Krnom / Kuhinja Mountain Pasture Chalet
at the foot of Mt. Krn, 1.007 m a. s. l.
50th Matura Anniversary
of Class 4.h, Šubičeva gimnazija, Ljubljana, June 1967

October 11 and 12, 2017, 72 pictures

Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Event participants who all contributed to the making of these pictures (family names are as of 1967): Miran Saje, Meta Štoka, Franci Velkavrh, Radojka Verčko, Matjaž Vodušek, Mojca Zaletel, Sinja Zemljič, Bojana Žokalj - Boja and Jože Trpin, Vojko and Klara Hobič, the chalet housekeepers.

All pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin except 37409, taken by Meta Štoka (Debevec).

Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2017.




37375. We gathered at the monument of Simon Gregorčič, premier poet of the Soča river valley: Franci, Mojca, Jože, Meta, Sinja, Matjaž, Boja, Radojka and Miran.



Slap Kozjak / Kozjak Waterfall


37376. Sun peeking through the border of clear and cloudy sky, view from the Kozjak waterfall parking lot



37377. In the mountain wall, at the side of the trail there is a cavern, dug during the First World War. In the picture - Franci, Matjaž, Jože and Meta in the entrance - view out ...



37378. ... and view in.



37379. Close to the waterfall the canyon narrows and the trail leads over a footbridge along the western wall: Miran, Radojka and Meta.



37380 - 37382. Vertical panoramic view of the waterfall from the end of the footbridge ...



37388. ... where Meta and Sinja were standing, at the edge of the precipice.



37389. Their spirits were up on return, too - here on one of the footbridges over the stream ...



37390. ... and in front of a cave-like cavern among the boulders.



37391. View of the top of the Lower Kozjak Waterfall - the photographer in the picture just started to get from the shooting position back to the safer trail.



37392. Meta on the rounded large rocks in the stream below the waterfall, partly seen behind the corner - getting there would require climbing, way beyond her and photographer's ability.



37393. Meta and Sinja on the hanging footbridge over the Soča river



37394. Upstream view of Soča from the Napoleon bridge



Koča na Planini Kuhinja pod Krnom / Kuhinja Mountain Pasture Chalet


37395. Mojca on the balcony above the chalet entrance



37396. In the dining room: Mojca, Miran, Jože, Matjaž, Vojko, Klara, Boja, Matjaž, Meta, Sinja, Radojka and Franci



37404. The menu of the welcome lunch: polenta slices with baked fresh cheese on fat and cracklings, mushroom soup and dry pear soup, rolled roast, bread dumplings, žlikrofi - Idrija dumplings, salad and kobariški štruklji - sweet Kobarid fresh cheese dumplings.



37397. Polenta with baked fresh cheese and cracklings was served as an entrée.



Around Planina Kašna Mountain Pasture


37398. As it turned out that there is more than ample time left till the next menu course we decided to make an afternoon stroll to Planina Kašna and the slope above it, as far as we can get to be back till the evening. In the picture: Meta and Mojca with Mt. Planica (1.376 m) as the backdrop



37399. Sinja, Matjaž, Mojca and Franci in a rocky pasture



37400. Franci and Meta on the track - low clouds were hiding the eastern part of the Krn mountain ridge.



37401. From time to time the clouds dispersed a little - view of Gomiščkovo zavetišče mountain shelter (2.182 m) below the Mt. Krn (2.244 m) peak.



37402. Sinja, Jože, aura by the sun through the clouds, Mt. Planica



37403. Matjaž and Radojka on the mountain track



Koča na Planini Kuhinja pod Krnom / Kuhinja Mountain Pasture Chalet


37405. Boja brought a large basket (part of it is seen here) of the Isabella grapes, Vitis labrusca, late harvest from her Karst estate.



37406. Next menu course: soup of mushrooms, collected locally



37407. Dry pear soup with potatoes, a Kobarid specialty



37408. Rolled roast, bread dumplings, žlikrofi and salad



37411. Kobariški štrukelj, or better, the last half it. The photographer was rather slow to come and rescued of the photo what could be recued.



37409. Sinja surprised the male schoolfriends who chose to come with woolen cardigans she knitted herself during her summer nursing duty of her close relative, splendidly matched in colour to everyone's personality: Miran, Jože, Franci, Matjaž and Primož (photo by Meta).



Village Krn at Night


37412. Sheep on a night pasture, below the road



37413. Miran, Radojka and Franci below the street light in the upper part of the village Krn



Koča na Planini Kuhinja pod Krnom / Kuhinja Mountain Pasture Chalet


37414. Small talk in the dining room, before going to bed: Boja, Matjaž and Mojca, with Miran on his way upstairs



37416. Meta is reading the goodnight story, about krivopetnice, good fairies with reversed heels (turned forwards). As can be seen ...



37415. ... from this picture of Radojka the fairy tale was a complete success.



Pasture Above the Chalet, Some 200 m to the North


37417. Franci brought with him a sleeping bag and a bivouac sack and decided to check if it could work even at higher altitudes. In the beginning it was warm enough ...



Koča na Planini Kuhinja pod Krnom / Kuhinja Mountain Pasture Chalet


37418. ... but towards the morning cold made him reconsider and continue sleeping on the bench in the dining room.



37419. A simple breakfast: polenta with soaked dry cranberries and mulberries plus grapes which Boja brought, herb tea by - Boja



37420. A more intense breakfast (presumably for Jože): scrambled eggs, cracklings, buckwheat bread



37421. Radojka during the morning workout



37422. Full kitchen: Sinja, Franci and Boja



37423. One more breakfast: buckwheat bread, polenta, dry sausages, tomato, tea and coffee



37424. Packing in the shared bedroom: Mojca and Jože



Trip to Planina Zaslap / Zaslap Mountain Pasture and its Energy Circle


37425. Mojca between the two rocks where Franci spent most of the night



37426. Wider view of the slope from Planina Kuhinja (center right) to Planina Zaslap with cows on high pasture



37427. Franci, Miran, Joze, Mojca and Meta during the ascent



37430. Recently discovered Energijski krog / Energy Circle in the immediate vicinity of Planina Zaslap is an ancient round megalithic monument of exactly the same diameter as the Stonehenge (31.4 m).



37428. Franci, Matjaž, Meta, Jože and Miran in the Energy Circle center



37429. Soon Sinja, Radojka and Mojca (front center) also arrived and we could all take part in this selfie.



37431. Sinja and Radojka at the Mt. Krn ikebana



37433. Above the Energy Circle there is a recently erected little trailside chapel, devoted to sv. Izidor / St. Isidore ...



37432. ... where this group photo took place.



37434. Meta brought along a small bag of dried mango from Ouaga(dougou) - here is shown what is left, reminds one of chanterelle mushrooms.



37435. Meta and Sinja on the balcony of one of shepherd's huts, now converted to holiday cottage



37436. Zaslap mountain pasture hamlet is a permanent resident in the summer and early autumn - a shepherd lives here and produces alpine cheese. In the picture - shepherd's linen drying in the sun.



From Zaslap to the Saddle North of Mt. Kožljak and Back to Planina Kuhinja


37437. Matjaž and Meta on the trail close to the saddle, turned backwards



37438. Radojka and Miran on the saddle between Krn and Drežnica, with precipitous western ridge of Mt. Krn as the backdrop



37439. The saddle has a rocky outcrop, dominated by this boulder which long ago rolled down from the Mt. Krn. Miran and Meta dared to climb on top ...



37440. ... no big deal actually.



37442. We made it to the saddle: Miran, Primož, Radojka, Meta and Matjaž



37441. Primož and Meta brought the following snack ingredients: cooked chickpeas, bio black cumin oil, corn bread, oatmeal cookies, cranberry jam, aronia juice with hot water - plus bread, apples and water for all (not shown)



37443. View west to Koseč (in front) and Drežnica (upper right)



37444. View of Mt. Kožljak, 1.587 m, from the saddle



37445. The sun is peeking through the clouds.



37447. Long telephoto view of a sheep flock pasturing on the Mt. Krn slope, about 1.400 m a. s. l.



37448. Lone sycamore (gorski javor in Slovenian) in the autumn splendor, clad in all the colours from green to yellow and orange



37449. A flock of Alpine choughs, Pyrrhócorax gráculus, planinske kavke in Slovenian, exploiting the warm air loft above the Mt. Krn slope



37450. Dog rose bush with fruit, Rosa canina, šipek in Slovenian



37451. A cow is resting in a sycamore grove shade ...



37452. ... but not any more - Meta is approaching from behind with a phone camera.



37453. Long telephoto view of the Krn village church, dedicated to sv. Rok / St. Roch (or Rollox)



Koča na Planini Kuhinja pod Krnom / Kuhinja Mountain Pasture Chalet


37454. The party snacked on leftovers from yesterday's lunch-dinner feast while here is a gentler variation: polenta (of yesterday), bread, baked cherry tomatoes with a scrambled egg, garlic, sheep yogurt, oatmeal cookies, Isabella grape and pear compote.



37455. In the end here we are once again united at the chalet doorstep, before departing chacun à sa chacunière: Radojka, Sinja, Mojca, Jože, Franci, Miran, Boja, Primož, Matjaž and Meta. See you again in 2018 - hopefully not only above the coast, but also on the coast.




Selected Photos by Jože Trpin and Radojka Verčko, of the Same Trip


Jože Trpin

Pictures in this section photo and copyright (c) Jože Trpin 2017, picture descriptions by Primož Jakopin. Published with permission.

1. October 11 - Primož (left) is trying to persuade Mojca, Matjaž, Sinja, Radojka, Meta, Miran, Boja and Franci to join him at the foot of the Simon Gregorčič monument in Kobarid, for a group photo.



2. Franci and Meta on the footbridge over the Soča river, part of the trail to Kozjak waterfall



3. Entrée of the lunch/dinner in the chalet - polenta with baked fresh cheese and cracklings



4. Radojka, Sinja, Franci at the table, listening to a story by Vojko



5. A bowl of mushroom soup



6. A plate of dry pear and potato soup



7. Rolled roast, bread dumplings and žlikrofi



8. October 12 - view of the chalet from the access road, from the east, in the morning



9. Before departure to Planina Zaslap - we gathered at the parking lot below the chalet.



10. Meta on the trail



11. At the chapel of sv. Izidor: Matjaž, Primož and Franci (sitting), Meta. Miran, Sinja, Mojca and Radojka



Radojka Verčko

Picture below photo and copyright (c) Radojka Verčko 2017, description by Primož Jakopin. Published with permission.

1. Primož at the table in the chalet during the dinner on October 11, with a camera in his hands



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