Scenes from the movie


Discovery and exploration of a cave in Inner Carniola

Starring: Marko, Metka, Blaž Bezek as Janko and Janez Pucihar as Matej.
Original music score by Milko Lazar.
Screenplay and directed by Primož Jakopin.

Filmed on location, at the northeastern rim of Planinsko polje (Slovenia) and its caves. Premiere in Ljubljana, October 11, 2006.



1. ... is situated a karst polje with the ultimate track of the Seven names river ...


2. I did catch up with you at last!


3. The continuation is too narrow even for a dachshund.


4. The sound is just fine!


5. It would be strange if the cave had not been known.


6. Taking it easy, aren't you?


7. Can I go second?


8. Look what I have found!


9. On top of the second shaft


10. There are none to be seen (olms).


11. This squeeze is all that is left.


12. Some bowing down will be required here.


13. Discussion in front of the side chamber


14. Marko explains


15. What else could be missing here but you!


16. The snack


17. Janko's dreams


18. Look, look, a little sunshine is left.


19. It really looks deep. It might be a sump.


20. Damn', what mud!


21. It is quite a breeze here!


22. Matej prolonging the rope


23. Janko above the bottom of the shaft


24. Marko fixing an extra anchor


25. Metka landing, Janko helps her


26. The lamp is teasing you?


27. Marko changing the carbide


28. Let them be. The haul bags will stay for us, no doubt about it.


29. Matej in the squeeze


30. I was not the last on top!


31. As far as I know, it is a shorthaired whitebelly bat.


32. Cave, cave, what a cave!


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