Alexander Jegorovich Kozinin



About me

A. J. Kozinin was born in 1950, at Kalach near Voronezh. authored a series of monumental and figurative works of art. Contributed several architectural projects, public buildings as well as homes. Known as a designer of unique "intelligent" furniture. A master of portrait in many techniques. His paintings, decorative sculptures, wood carvings, ceramic works, open fireplaces and its surroundings can be found in many locations in Russia and abroad.

He has participated at main exhibitions in the past 30 years, prize winner at many Soviet and Russian events of art. Holds the title "Russian master of art".

Home address:
Rossija 397600, Voronezhskaja oblast, g. Kalach, ul. 30 let Oktjabra 16,
tel. (07363) 26-9-12, fax (07363) 21-2-34

Some pictures

Eutherpia, of poets and musicians

Portrait of the daughter Nadezhda

Kalach coat of arms and the author

A trio of Ukrainian folklore musicians (pottery)

At the village fair (pottery)

The monument of J. Jakopin and the author

The spouse Olga, also a sculptor, and daughter Nadezhda from the first marriage

Natasha Kozinina with two sons and their families

The parents

Olga, Alexander, Nadezhda, brother's spouse and her boys

The main square in Kalach

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