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Sixth European Seminar in Bansko, November 2001, Part I

The 35 pictures on this page typically have the size of 300 times 400 pixels. A click on the picture will enlarge it to 600 times 800. The numbers in front of comments correspond to serial numbers of the original shots. Pictures authored by and copyright (c) P. Jakopin; Irina Šaikevič has helped with the picture 4475.

Voyage to Bansko, November 6

Picture 4452
4452. Mountain range E of Niš and N of Sofia, from the plane

Picture 4458
4458. Ljupka Kačakova, economic advisor of the prime minister, during the interview at the Sofia airport

November 7

Picture 4460
4460. Mountain stream above the Vihren chalet, around 2000 m

Picture 4463
4463. Razložka kotlovina as seen above the Vihren chalet

Picture 4464
4464. Description panel of Bajkuševa mura, Pinus leucodermis, 1300 years old, girth 7.80 m, height 26 m, 1930 m above sea level, discovered 1897.

Picture 4465
4465. Tiit Roosmaa, Inguna Skadina and Jordan Obecanov at Bajkuševa mura

Picture 4468
4468. The open fire in the backroom of the Stražite hotel restaurant, the office of Hermann Schmitt

Picture 4472
4472. The Bulgarian team in the office at Stražite hotel: Elka Glagolevičina, Elka Obecanova, Iren Georgieva and Elena Paskaleva

Vihren mountain, November 8

Picture 4473
4473. Broken rock above the Vihren chalet, around 1970 m, with Anatolij and Irina Šaikevič

Picture 4475
4475. Top of the Broken rock, Vihren in the background, with Primož Jakopin

Picture 4476
4476. The Lake, around 2000 m, view from the East

Picture 4477
4477. Vihren from the East

Picture 4478
4478. The Lake, around 2000 m, with Anatolij and Irina Šaikevič

Picture 4480
4480. Trail markup house on the saddle, around 2600 m

Picture 4481
4481. Lake S of the saddle

Picture 4484
4484. At the top of Vihren, 2914 m, a view from the S, during a window in the sky, with Primož Jakopin

Picture 4485
4485. The top of Vihren, in the cloud and in the wind

Picture 4486
4486. Clouds, a view to the S from the top of Vihren

Picture 4487
4487. ? ?, the only green flower on Vihren

Picture 4488
4488. Top of Vihren in the clouds, view from the East

Picture 4489
4489. The wind chasing clouds over the top of Vihren, view from the East

Picture 4491
4491. Džamdžievi skali, rocks on the E slope of Vihren, before sunset

Picture 4492
4492. Todorin vrh, 2700? m, at sunset, view from the West

Picture 4506
4506. Pernilla Danielsson and Martin Gellerstam, during the reception in the Bulgaria hotel

Picture 4508
4508. The piano player at the reception

The Seminar, November 9, morning

Picture 4509
4509. During the opening speech by Wolfgang Teubert

Picture 4510
4510. The audience during a discussion by Elena Paskaleva

Picture 4511
4511. Wolfgang Teubert in action

Picture 4512
4512. Louise Matty and Marko Vitas, at the side

Picture 4514
4514. Inguna Skadina during exposition of the paper

Picture 4516
4516. The ceiling of the lobby at the Glazne hotel

Picture 4518
4518. Elka Obecanova

Picture 4519
4519. Elka Glagolevičina

Picture 4520
4520. Andrius Utka

Picture 4522
4522. Koleloto na života, The wheel of life, 1882, by Mihalko Jovanov and Dimitr Sirleščov, from S. Bistrica church (Icon Museum, Bansko)

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