TELRI Photo gallery by P. Jakopin
Trans-European Language Resources Infrastructure

Workshop in Birmingham, November 1995

The pictures on this page have the size of 128 times 192 pixels. A click on the picture or its name will enlarge it to 512 times 768. All 14 pictures taken by and copyright (c) P. Jakopin.

John M. Sinclair Elena Tognini Bonelli Jeremy Clear
"Ponirek" and two Canadian geese in a pond on campus
Maria Stambolieva Norbert Volz Ann Lawson
Non-continental way of delivering warm water
Participants of the workshop
Ramesh Krishnamurthy Tim Lane
Mike Scott Oliver Jacobs
Birmingham centre at the canal in the evening

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Page and the pictures by Primož Jakopin, who is looking forward to remarks or comments. Page posted on February 18, 2017, after first publication from 1995.