TELRI Photo gallery by P. Jakopin
Trans-European Language Resources Infrastructure

Inaugurational meeting in Mannheim, January 1995

The pictures on this page have the size of 128 times 192 pixels. A click on the picture or its name will enlarge it to 512 times 768. All 25 pictures taken by and copyright (c) P. Jakopin.

Wolfgang Teubert Heike Rettig
Poul Andersen
Martin Gellerstam Truus Kruyt
John M. Sinclair Zygmunt Saloni
Eva Hajičova Barbora Hladka
František Čermak Alexandra Jarošova
Ornella Corazzaro Patrick Paroubek
Andrejs Spektors Ruta Marcinkevičiene
Haldur Oim
Dan Tufis Bahri Beci
Julia Pajzs Bela Kovacs-Karoly
Elena Paskaleva Iordan Penchev
Varja Cvetko Orešnik Janez Orešnik
Tomaž Erjavec

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