Primož Jakopin, Tenerife 2002

Cueva de San Marcos, 17 pictures

A click on the picture will change the size from 300 x 400 to 600 x 800 pixels. Descriptions begin with serial numbers of original images (1920 x 2560 pixels). Photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2002 (also depicted on most pictures for scale). Names of cave parts have been given by the author.

Cliff entrance

5307. The entrance from outside, at the left

5247. The wide but low entrance from inside out

The entrance gallery

5306. The gallery quickly opens up to considerable proportions, a view out

5305. The main passage is wider at the top, with "frozen" lava tongues at the floor; a view out

5303. Occasionally the cooling lava filled most of the passage space; a view in

5302. Broader part of the gallery, a view in

5301. Below the second entrance the passage ends in a hall, with the side sections in form of a bottom-up onion; a view to the west

Second entrance

5248. It is on private property, on plantation and therefore closed

Eastern gallery

5300. Water dripping through the ceiling gathered in this kettle, the biggest in the cave; Tikka light in the upper right corner for scale

5255. White sediments pouring through the fissures brought lighter colour to the passage walls; a view out

5254. A nice oval-shaped bypass passage with a rock in the middle; a view out

5256. The ceiling of the bypass passage with sharp lava drops

5253. Here the passage widens into large circular shape; a view out

5252. The roof lowers at this junction - the right passage quickly ends; a view in

5251. Junction with a small collapse - the main passage is at the right; a view in

5250. Before the end the roof lowers, the floor shows the slow lava flow; a view out

5249. The passage ends with a small collapse

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