Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Rurutu, January 29 till February 14, 2003

There are 252 images, 300 x 400 pixels. Descriptions begin with serial numbers of original images (1920 x 2560 pixels). Copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2003.

  1. From Vitaria to Avera, the beach
  2. The cave Ana A'eo
  3. The cave Tane te ua poto
  4. The cave at Pointe Arei
    On the road from Pointe Arei to Pointe Mauo
    The volcanic cave at Pointe Mauo
    The cave Ana Taupee
  5. Deep lake abyss
    The way from Deep lake abyss to the White cave
    White cave
  6. From Vitaria to Avera and Pointe Teutu
  7. From Vitaria to Avera, Pointe Teutu and Cave Eva
  8. From the saddle between Moerai and Avera to Mt. Manureva, Mt. Taatioe, Mt. Teape and Vitaria
  9. From Moerai to Pointe Mauo and the Mauo caves
  10. From Vitaria to Avera and Narui
  11. Folk dance competition in Moerai
  12. Rurutu from the plane, the beach and the sea at Vitaria
  13. Vitaria, cave Ana Maro, The beach from the airport to Vitaria, Twisted cave
  14. Hauti, Cave Ana Vairuauri, Hauti
  15. From Vitaria to Moerai and back
  16. From Vitaria to Hauti, The goat cave, From Hauti to Vitaria
  17. Pension Teautamatea, At the airport

Part I - From Vitaria to Avera, the beach

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