Biševo - to Medvidina špilja and Komiža

From Primož Jakopin: A voyage to Vjetrenica and Biševo, August 2003, part VI

30 pictures on this page have the size of 300 times 400 pixels. The numbers in front of comments correspond to serial numbers of the original images (1920 x 2560 pixels). Terms in and out in view descriptions are related to view direction - either from the standpoint towards inside the cave or towards outside. Names of places according to Janez Koželj: Otok Biševo, rječnik toponima; Ljubljana 2001 (cro. špilja = eng. cave). Pictures authored by and copyright (c) P. Jakopin 2003.

The cave in the Nevaja bay

Picture 7210
7210. A view out, below the water level

Picture 7214
7214. A view out, above the water

Picture 7216
7216. A view of the cave from the sea

At the Punta Skrana, western cape of the Porat bay

Picture 7219
7219. Opening between the rocks, dark

Picture 7220
7220. Opening between the rocks, bright

Picture 7221
7221. Small cove at the north, retreating waves

Picture 7223
7223. Small cove at the north, incoming waves

Trešjavac bay, at the south of the island

Lupeška špilja

Picture 7224
7224. A view out, dark

Picture 7228
7228. A view out, bright

Ščipalo, white-gravel cave

Picture 7230
7230. A full view out, dark

Picture 7232
7232. A full view out, bright

Picture 7237
7237. A view to the sea, from the entrance

To the southwest of Mali zodiv cove

Picture 7238
7238. Cavern at the middle of the bay, a view from the sea

Picture 7239
7239. Cave above the coast, a view from the sea

Medvidina špilja

Picture 7240
7240. Polona and Katja at the beach towards the end of the cave, a view in

Picture 7241
7241. Two kids swimming out at the end of the water channel, a view in

Picture 7242
7242. Two kids swimming out of the last room of the water channel, a view out

Picture 7245
7245. Ana and Alan from Lika moving in, close to the beach at the end, a view out

Picture 7246
7246. White and yellow dripstone wall at the south side of the water channel, a view out

Entrance gallery

Picture 7247
7247. A view out from the rock ledge above the southwestern end, dark

Picture 7248
7248. A view out from the rock ledge above the southwestern end, bright

Picture 7249
7249. The rock islet at the end of the gallery as seen from the ledge

Picture 7250
7250. Play of light at the eastern tip of the islet

Picture 7252
7252. A view out from the boat, close to the entrance

The entrance from the sea

Picture 7254
7254. Aniska swimming in the entrance

Picture 7256
7256. A view of the entrance and southeastern bay from the sea

From Medvidina špilja to Komiža

Picture 7257
7257. Paružovica Vela, the cove to the north of Medvidina špilja, view from the sea

Picture 7259
7259. Flotilla of sailing boats on anchor in Balun bay, in front of the rock with Modra špilja

Picture 7260
7260. Trainees aboard the diving-school ship from Komiža

Picture 7261
7261. Turbulent water behind the stern of the boat

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