Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Tunisia, January 2004, part III

All images are 266 x 400 pixels in size. Numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original shots (2048 x 3072 pixels). Copyright (c) P. J. 2004. Participants of the events on this page: Dondon - Mohamed Tiouiri, Mustafa Mohamed Silimen, Sousou - Mohamed Kacem, Khomsi - Mohamed Khomsi, Walid Rayouf, Marjan Baričič, Bina - Martina Bergant, Lakanc - Robert Verbič, Lanko - Franc Marušič, Ivo Sedmak and Barbara Šatej.

Djebel Kassar

On the road from Zaghouan to Ain Zkir

8030. A view to the mountain wall at the right with opened pits, Walid

From Ain Zkir to Grand Pic

8034. The southern slope of Djebel Kassar, Walid

8035. The three boulders, the pesant woman with a pick passing by

8036. The three boulders, Walid

8037. Beetle??, ? ? on the rock

8038. The passage between the boluders on the path, a view from the west, Dorotea

8040. A view from the east to the rock finger south of Grand Pic

8041. Rock bank at the beginning of ascent to Grand Pic, Marjan

8042. Onion-like plant, ? ?, a staple of wild boars

The Karoba entrance of the Om Bebene cave

8043. A view from the entrance out, dark, Dondon

8044. A view from the entrance out, light, Dondon

8045. A colony of common bentwing bats, Miniopterus schreibersii, on the ceiling of the Upper gallery

8046. Bats, closer

8047. Bats, very close

8048. Dondon in a squeeze from the entrance hall to the Upper gallery

The small house of Mustafa at Ain Zkir

8049. Couscous was prepared on the stove by Mustafa's daughter Chadliya

8050. Couscous with eggs on the plate

8051. Dondon in Mustafa's kaftan in the passage of the stone fence

8052. The guests and the hosts in the house

The side hut where we slept

8053. Barbara and Marjan

8054. Ivo and Bina

8055. Lanko and Lakanc

8056. Barbara, Marjan, Ivo and Bina in the sleeping bags

From Ain Zkir to Om Bebene cave

8057. Warming up before breakfast in the kitchen: Sousou, Khomsi and Ivo

8059. The mountains and the clouds to the south of Ain Zkir

8060. ?? plants, ? ?, between the rocks

Om Bebene cave

8061. Western opening, Walid

The Karoba part of the Om Bebene cave

8063. A view from the entrance out, Mustafa, Marjan, Barbara and Walid

8064. In the Upper gallery, Barbara and Walid hiding behind the boulder

8065. Walid coming out of the squeeze

8067. Eastern part of the entrance hall, a view out, Walid

8068. Western part of the entrance hall, a view out, Walid

From Om Bebene cave to Ain Zkir

8069. Marjan and Mustafa in the back of the entrance

8070. In the grass on the slope: Mustafa, Dorotea, Walid, Barbara and Marjan

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