Primož Jakopin, photo diary

At the BC 4 - Poljska jama / BC 4 - Polish Cave Entrance, Mt. Kanin
The Day of the Crossover to Mala Boka Cave

December 17, 2005, 12 pictures

          Portraits are 300 x 400 pixels in size, other images about 768 x 1024 pixels. Numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Event participants who contributed to the making of these pictures and related persons: Jurij Anđelić - Jeti / Yeti, Rok Stopar, Andrej Fratnik, Samo Cuder, Andrej Drevenšek, Matija Perne, Giacomo Rosetti, Massimo Frizzi, Marco Ba and Robi Crotti.

          This page, pictures, descriptions copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2005.

At the Cave Entrance, Before the Descent to Mala Boka Cave


11294. Jeti

11295. Rok

11292. Andrej F.

11297. Samo

11291. Giacomo

11296. Massimo

11298. Marco

11300. Robi

11293. Matija

11302. Matija and Andrej in the snow hole close to the entrance. Matija dug it with a shovel to provide at least some protection from the harsh wind.

Return of the Accompanying Team Back to the Valley

11301. Andrej, south of Old Peter Skalarja Hut Ruin

11303. Ice curtain hangs from the rock just above the tree line

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