Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Computer Linguistics 2007, Birmingham
July 28 - 29, 29 pictures

Pictures are usually 300 x 400 pixels in size; most of them can be clicked to get a 600 x 800 pixel version. Numbers in front of photo descriptions are serial numbers of the original images (1200 x 1600 pixels). Photo and copyright (c) P. Jakopin 2007.


Selfridges Department Store


12808. Interior entrance with the top two storeys


12809. Outer wall from the top of the parking lot


12810. Side wall with St. Martin's church in the background


12811. Outer wall with a cloud, from the street


12812. Outer wall up close


12813. Outer wall, quite up close


University of Birmingham


12805. Coat of arms


12815. The tower


Arts Building


12806. The Elsie May Taylor Bequest sculpture, 1983, by Ted Atkinson


12816. Entrance


12817. Registration desk


12818. Slovenian team in the park: Špela Arhar, Iztok Kosem and Simon Krek


12826. LR3 hall during the discussion after Michael Barlow's lecture


12827. William H. Fletcher


12828. Smalltalk: Eric Atwell and Adam Kilgariff


12829. Eric and Adam, in the limelight


12830. Yueguo Gu, always in good mood


12831. Lisa Cheung in the lab, during the preparations for an upcoming conference


Avon Hall


12819. Lunchtime


12820. Men's room door window


The Canal at the Vale


12821. View south


12822. Shadow of a narrow-boat, clouds in the water, sidewalk bricks


12823. View south with the narrow-boat Magnus passing by


12824. Cyclist under the bridge, view north


To the Vale, Shackleton Hall


12832. English roses


12814. At the pond


12825. Swan and ducks


12833. Construction site of the new student housing


12834. Corpus Interruptus, The Band of English (Department), performing


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