Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Morocco, February 2011
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          Morocco is a large North African country with a long Atlantic and Mediterranean coast as well as high Atlas mountain range (the highest peak is Toubkal at 4.167 m) and the Sahara desert. Though air connection is normally preferred, Morocco can also be reached from central Europe by car, the distance from Ljubljana to Algeciras, the standard port for ferry to Ceuta in Africa, is approx. 2.700 km, of which only about 30 km before Malaga is not a highway (2011). Of the whole distance, it can easily be driven in three days, on the way back in two, 1.300 km is along the Spanish coast. Considerable amount of Atlas is covered by limestone, where many caves are to be found, not on this page, however.
          What most appealed to the author of these lines in Morocco? Mediterranean coast is calmer, milder, closer, more convenient and easier to grasp, but for an off-beaten-track lover it had been discovered, and settled, by too many. The coast road from Tetouan to the east is now being widened and modernized, all-inclusive resorts are under way. But inland and on the northern part of the Atlantic coast things are more as they used to be in the northern Mediterranean many many years ago. On his way the author stumbled upon one single supermarket, Marjane before Tetouan, elsewhere you walk into the shop, tell the vendor what you need and he will bring it to you, together with comment and advice. Evening promenades in towns and cities are a special delight for the eyes, show-off for everybody. Markets, from traditional souk to fruit, vegetable and fish markets are open late into the night. Cauliflower is not a dense greenhouse product with yellow leaves but a pleasure for the eyes and the palate, as are tomatos, oranges, tasty small apples, many sorts of potatoes and all what grandmother used to cultivate half a century ago. The coast, as can be seen from the pictures, is beautiful, lonely, yet totally safe, well guarded by the military, border guards are on alert day and (especially) night. It is easy to make contact and once they know about you and your whereabouts there is no problem. Lodging is easy to find, roads are very reasonable, food is excellent and ... everything is very affordable.

From Tetouan to Chefchaouen

14854. Marvelous summer house in a cove, light-colored, as many terraces as possible, joined by a net of outer staircase, all in lovely white pillar fences

14855. Two men in a boat, the second one with a double head - an Arabic STOP traffic sign

14856. The beach at Oued Laou is several kilometres long stretch of sand, immediately followed by a wall of summer homes

14859. Laou river, some 6 kilometres from the sea, with a snow-capped mountain (about 800 m) in the background

14860. Laou river with twin hills, against the midday sun

14861. Two donkeys on pasture

14862. Downstream view of Laou river from the road, below Aakil

14863. Upstream view of Laou river, muddy after heavy January rains

14864. Upstream view of Laou river, up close

14866. Barrage Oued Laou, view to the south from the road

14868. View of Chefchaouen from the north, below the Jebel Meggou mountain (1625 m)

From Derdara to Ksar el-Kebir

14869. A village dog, probably from Agabalou, on alert at the concrete road

14870. The dog after a small snack

14871. Setting sun over the pine trees


14872. Ceiling lamp in a hotel room

14902. Side street

14903. Seagulls in the Oued Loukos estuary

14922. Armchair in a hotel room

14923. View of Larache from the opposite side of the Oued Loukos estuary

14924. Dog on the sandy beach

14925. Pine forest to the north of the estuary

14926. Yellow blooms in the forest undergrowth

14957. Place de la Libération is the main Larache promenade, it gets very vivid in the evening.

Khemis du Sahel and the Ocean

14876. Sand, waves and the sky

14878. Sand, bird's view

14879. Sand, frog's view

14880. A peasant with a loaded mare and its foal, approaching ...

14881. ... and departing

14882. Rocks at the foothill, on the beach

14892. View of the hill slope from the beach

14893. Three waves

14894. A wave, it just tipped over

14895. Beach pond, the sea, the sky

14900. Play of colors above the sea at sunset, dark

14901. Play of colors above the sea at sunset, light

14904. Water, drained from the marshy land above the coast, is eroding the hillside sand

14905. A view of the spring channel bed, the coast and the sea

14906. Partly grass'covered coast sand dunes

14907. Estuary of a brook

14908. Border guard on horseback beach patrol

14910. Sun through the clouds above the beach, late afternoon

14917. Sun through the clouds mirrored in a pond on the beach, before sunset

14921. Sun sky above an ocean wave, sunset

14927. A meadow of orange and yellow pot marigolds (Calendula officinalis) and another white-blooming grass, up close

14928. A meadow from afar

14929. Predominantly white-blooming meadow

14930. Prickly-pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) fenced village road

14932. View of the green foothill, the beach and the sea

14933. Small pumpkins, slightly larger than tennis-balls, in the meadow below the field

14934. A border guard riding on a horse to town for supplies

14938. Setting sun over a coast dune

14939. Sand, waves and the sun close to sunset

14942. She-dog from the borderguard post at the end of the road

14943. Foothill, the beach, the sea and the sky

14958. Silver Wattle (Acacia dealbata) blooms at the roadside

14959. Camomile (Chamomilla recutita) meadow

14960. Camomile blooms

14963. Le guardien of the villa, summer house of a French businessman from Marrakech

14964. Goats on pasture at the hillside just above the beach

14967. Border guard walking towards his post, Larache in the background (air distance about 8 km)

14973. Small fast-walking birds feeding on sand fauna at the water level

14975. A family travelling north on a horse, a donkey and on foot, towards the setting sun

14978. Family, moving away

14981. Four seagulls in the air

14982. Stone cone on the beach

14984. Sand, waves, sun and sky half an hour before sunset

14987. The beach, waves and the setting-sun sky

To Ceuta and Algeciras

14988. Afriquia is a Moroccan gas station chain

14989. Sidi Moussa, mountain on the Moroccan side, the left part of ancient Pillars of Hercules

14992. The Rock of Gibraltar, as seen from the ferry Ceuta - Algeciras

14993. Clouds and the sea to the east


14994. View of the Rock and its eastern coastline from the south

14996. King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud mosque, close to Europa Point

14998. Clouds and the sea south of Europa Point


14999. Clover leaves at the roadside, Perpignan

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