Primož Jakopin, photo diary

The wedding of Tilen Japec Jakopin and Sanja Bitenc
April 10, 2013, 101 pictures

Pictures are aproximately 267 x 400 pixels in size. A click on the picture brings a 533 x 800 pixel version. Numbers in front of the photo descriptions are the serial numbers of the original images. Names of persons at the wedding: Tilen Japec, Japec and Maruša, Jakob, Gitica in Jadran, Nataša in Eva, Jernej and Julija Jakopin, Jelena Lieberberg, Sanja Bitenc, po poroki Sanja Jakopin, Ljubica and Luka, Teja, Jaka, Luka and Lara-Rosa Bitenc, Marija Barši and Jože ?, Iza Tajnšek, registrar Vlasta and commissioner Milena. Photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2013.


16798. The wedding took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on a sunny and warm April day, the first such day after the end of the winter, and the clouds were drifting across the light sky. View of the estuary of Gradaščica river, into Ljubljanica river, from the northwest


16801. Most of the wedding party arrived to the venue, Ljubljana castle, a bit earlier, which gave room for some preliminary photos - bride and groom.


16802. Bride with the wedding bouquet,


16799. brought by Maruša.


16800. Maruša and Gitica


16803. The wedding party in the castle yard - Marko, Ljubica, Gitica, Teja, Jakob, Maruša, Sanja, Jadran, Japec, Tilen, Nataša, Jelena, Eva, Luka, Iza and Jaka


16804. The registrar checked the identity of the pair and the assistants.


16805. Last instructions before the entrance to the wedding hall


16806. Registrar at the door of the wedding hall


16807. Registrar's map and keys on the window shelf


16808. The party nicely seated, a short calm followed, and


16809. the hostess slowly turned,


16810. opened the door,


16811. and the bride and groom entered the hall.


16812. The pair, best woman and maid of honour paid attention


16813. to the selected words of the registrar and the commissioner.


16814. View of the pair with assistants and the wedding party from the right


16815. Golden wedding rings on the golden-colored plate


16816. Groom's guests,


16817. now with the pair and assistants in front


16818. Bride's guests were


16819. soon joined by bride's grandparents.


16820. Footwear of the pair and assistants - from more leisurely to more formal; the bride forgot the shoes at home in a hurry, so a nice pair of summer sneakers had to do.


16821. Climax approached, the pair and assistants stood up, hand in hand, what will be, will be ...


16822. Just a moment


16823. and Tilen and Sanja became man and wife. The wedding guests applauded,


16824. the kiss, 

16825. exchange of wedding rings


16826. and the warmest hug.


16827. The groom signed first,


16828. followed by the bride


16829. best woman, groom's sister and


16830. maid of honour, bride's sister.


16831. Some more advice and good wishes of the commissioner,


16832. and congratulations of the registrar, who also


16833. presented to the pair the wedding certificate.


16834. Congratulations


16835. of the relatives, first by bride's mother,


16836. a quick glance into the lobby where a hostess was waiting, just in case,


16837. and one more hug of the bride, by the grooms cousine Jelena, who flew from Berlin for the occasion


16838. Maruša made a photo of her most beloved and of Jelena.


16839. Eva with mother, Nataša


16840. Three paparazzi girls stormed the pair.


16841. Sun through the window, central heating and high spirits all lifted the temperature in the hall, which helped uncover even more delightful image of the registrar.


16842. Bride and groom with Gitica and Eva, Jakob and Jadran are missing at the left. The latter made such an ugly grimace that the photo could only be saved by a radical cut.


16843. Bride and groom left the castle through the lower exit,


16844. where it was immediately clear


16845. that the mercy ended in the castle.


16846. A rain of rice followed,


16847. the only defence of the pair was to hide head in the shoulders. The groom lifted shirt collars to avoid deeper rice penetration.


16849. Smiling couple


16850. in front of a laurel tree, just below the castle walls


16851. Gitica experimented with taking photo of the sun.


16852. Booze before driving away from the castle, from the glasses already prepared, had to wait for some other, more pedestrian wedding party.


16853. Wedding luncheon took place in the Pri Čadu inn. The groom drove the car


16854. with the bride and Jelena.


16855. Groom with "indulgences" for the wedding guests and with a present for the couple,


16856. which he handed over to the bride, who already changed into a more leisurely attire.


16857. The fireplace in action, cosy and warm.


16858. Bride and groom with Teja and Lara-Rosa.


16859. Japec, groom's father


16863. Maruša


16860. Jelena


16862. Nataša, groom's mother


16861. Eva


16876. Jakob


16864. Gitica


16866. Jadran


16865. Jelena and Gitica departing the portrait scene in greenery, a jogger in between.


16867. Teja


16868. Ljubica, bride's mother


16869. Marija


16870. Jaka


16871. Iza


16872. Jože


16873. Luka


16874. The couple with bride's parents


16877. The groom


16875. The bride


16878. Marko, bride's father


16879. Marija and Lara-Rosa


16880. Groom with his mother Nataša


16881. There were some high-class shoes, Maruša,


16882. Gitica


16883. and Eva.


16884. Japec, Nataša, Tilen and Eva


16885. Eva and Lara-Rosa


16886. Bride and groom with both wedding cakes, one of sour-cherry variety and the other of chocolate


16887. Chocolate cake, very intensive, had a wreath of tangerine segments on top, to look a little less heavy.


16888. Eva, Maruša and Sanja


16889. This pair of shoes Julija, who came a little later, acquired from her half-sister Žaži. The socks are her own choice.


16890. Bride's sneakers,


16891. and the groom, wearing shoes, according to his own words, more in the Mr. Prime Minister style


16892. Julija


16893. Lara-Rosa


16894. Lara-Rosa with mom and dad


16895. Lara-Rosa with Julija and Gitica


16896. Gitica had a darkblue skirt, pleated in Spanish colonial style


16897. At the end groom's other uncle, Jernej, showed up to greet us.


16898. Julija, Top gun movie style


16899. Japci (Japec family) at the outbuilding door, wood is always a good backdrop.


  Cave above Babuna river spring, Macedonia, July 25, 2011     Kornati archipelago, Apr 30 till May 4  

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