Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Najdena jama / NewFound Cave
Veteran's Day, May 25, 2013
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Images are 533 x 800 or 400 x 267 pixels in size, numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the originals (2048 x 3072 pixels). Full names of persons in the pictures: Fofer - Andrej Puc, Andrej Baraga, Uroš Kunaver, Modrc - Janez Modrijan, Jure - Jurij Kunaver, Diana Grublješić, Diba - Matic Di Batista, Garmin - Tomaž Krajnc, Jerica - Aleksandra Privšek, Pipistrel - Primož Presetnik, Matej Blatnik, Primož in Petra, Rupnik, Marjan Baričič, Ðuro - Jure Košutnik, Marko Horvat, Klok - Primož Jakopin, Manč - Marjan Juvan, Metod Di Batista, član Giovanni - Janez Vengar, Miha Vengar, Jozl - Jože Pirnat, Lanko - Franc Marušič, Bina Bergant and Žodor Marušič.

All pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2013, except those with author details in picture descriptions.


Early in the morning


17541. Breakfast to start the day: bulgur porridge with ground poppy seeds, pears, bananas, grated apples and soaked cranberries


Baldahin / Baldachine - the pit below the entrance


17543. Fofer, Andrej, Uroš and Modrc in the room below the entrance


17544. Jure, three weeks to hit 80, is struggling down the slope on wire rope ladder, secured by Metod


17546. Diana on the rope, in action


17547. Diana on the rope, relaxing


17550. Diana and Diba below the shaft


The passage to Ičotov rov / Ičo Gallery


Part of the excursion group took the longer and more difficult route through cave's main gallery, Piparski rov / Piparji Gallery to another entrance, Krastača / Toad Cave


17551. The rain poured from every crevice, even in unusual places such as this passage


17552. Diba, through the lens sprinkled with raindrops


17553. Uroš, son of Jure


17554. Diana


17555. Garmin and Jerica


17556. Pipistrel


17557. Matej


Dvorana Fofrove jeze / The Hall where Fofer Got Angry


The excursion was dedicated to 50th anniversary of the breakthrough discovery in the cave, which followed after the breaking of Radeščkova pasaža / Rado Radešček Squeeze, and so the majority of the cavers proceeded through the now little visited part of the cave, over Platke shaft, above Velika štirna / Great Well Lake to Hansov k. / Hans Stalactite - Stalagmite Pair and back to Baldahin / Baldachine through Ičotov rov / Ičo Gallery


17558. Član Giovanni, Fofer and Modrc


17559. Modrc at the exit of the once famous squeeze, Marjan in the background


17560. Marjan


17563. Petra and Primož


17561. Petra and Primož, smiling


17564. Ðuro


17565. Marko


17566. Klok, photo by Primož Rupnik


17567. Fofer


17568. Član Giovanni had a very special czech carbide lamp


17569. Manč


17570. Metod


17571. Član Giovanni


17572. Miha


17573. Član Giovanni on the edge of Platke / Plates shaft


17575. Nude Devil - cave art - the clay sculpture is about 40 cm high


17576. Marjan on the ladder


17577. Marjan on the quick mud trail


Hansov k(apnik) / Hans Stalactite - Stalagmite Pair


17579. Cavers at the most famous flowstone formation in the cave


17578. Petra and Miha at the gap, which gets narrower by 1 mm per year


17580. Jozl


17581. Jure


17582. Andrej


Return through Ičotov rov / Ičo Gallery


17583. Andrej, Metod and Fofer on the narrow ridge that separates two pits, available light, raindrops


17584. As 17583, flash


17585. Manč, Metod and Jure below the cliff


17586. Metod securing Jure on the ladder


17587. Metod, Jure and Modrc above the shaft


17588. Water, sprinkling as a curtain of a small chamber, below the Baldahin / Baldachine


On the forest clearing, not far from cave entrance


17589. Žodor and Bina, bright


17590. Žodor and Bina, in the green


17591. The Marušič family


17592. Jozl climbing up the cave entrance


Jurček / Hexagonal wooden gazeebo above Kališka cesta / Kališka forest road


17593. Open fire warmed the spirits up in the rainy day


17594. Lush greenery to the south


17595. Two storey cake for the 50th anniversary of the breakthrough discovery in the cave


17596. The main course was ghoulash with polenta


Kališka cesta / Kališka forest road


17597. Forest after the rain


17598. The road, view east


Late in the day


17599. Sunset over the Ljubljansko barje / Ljubljana Marshes, as seen from Laze, Kamnik pod Krimom


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