Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Albania - Shkodėr, Rapsha and Velipojė
August 1, 2014, 28 pictures

Most pictures are aproximately 400 x 600 pixels in size. Numbers in front of the photo descriptions are the serial numbers of the original images. Photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2014.


Ulcinj, Montenegro


21924. It all started with a hearty breakfast: buckwheat porridge with watermelon, peaches, black grapes, plums, apricots and soaked dry cranberries





21926. New, shiny white mosque with a nice park in front of it, in the immediate vicinity of the city centerpoint, the Democracy Square (Xhamia e Madhe / The Great Mosque)



21927. The opposite side of the Democracy Square is now completely rebuilt. Mercedes Benz remains to be the car brand of choice.



21928. The most appealing sight of Lake Skadar is from the north - view of the mountain ridge to the south, in Montenegro - between the lake and the sea.



From Hotit to Rapsha


21929. The 60 km road from Hotit to the mountain pass Lumi i Vermoshit / Grnčar on the border with Montenegro is under construction. The first section, 10 km to the village of Rapsha, is already complete - it is a nice, 6 m wide paved road built to modern standards. The second section, from Rapsha to Tamarė is under construction and could be finished by the end of 2014. As in several other countries in the southeastern Europe villages often do not have roadsigns at the entrance and exit. A traveler withoout a good map and a GPS is best advised to ask. English is not yet lingua franca but connections to Italy are manifold and so the knowledge of this language is very useful. But getting an info is never a problem - people in Albania are hospitable and open-hearted.



21930. Sheep along and on the road in Rapsha



21933. The road rises from 12 meters above sea level in Hotit to 730 meters a. s. l. at the saddle above Rapsha; view of the road at left and the valley leading north at right.



21932. From the saddle the mountain's northern slope plummets over 500 meters down to the valley of the Cemit river.



21934. Telephoto view of the lower right section of the above photo provides a nearly aerial view of a road construction excavator and a truck.



21937. Telephoto view north, of the valley and the new road



21936. On the other side of the Rapsha saddle a remarkable view south opens up - here is the view of how the (yet unpaved) road descends in wide serpentines.



21935. Telephoto view south down to the Cemit river with its turquoise pools



From Rapsha to Hotit


21938. The new church at Rapsha



21939. View south from the Rapsha plateau, to the Lake Skadar



21940. The new road from Hotit to Rapsha is winding uphill in large curves - view south to Hotit and the lake.



21941. Above Hotit there are several statue-like stone columns.



21942. Gjokaj family in the loggia of their street-view store in Hotit: Lula, Malvina, Sabina and Prele





21955. Cows on the road north of Velipojė - the shepherd on a moped is hidden behind the second cow.



21948. An old building at the Rruga 1 (Street No. 1) which leads from the incoming main road (parallel to the coast) to the beach was lifted by one floor. Most interesting is a way the concrete floor plate is made - only the framework is of reinforced concrete, the space in between is filled with aerated concrete or hollow clay bricks. This approach makes the concrete plate considerably lighter (and the building safer) than the standard full-concrete plate design.



21949. Closer view of the second floor plate - from the south



21944. Telephoto view from the west of the cape at the entrance of the harbour bay, with bathers



21946. Wide view of the beach with a fisher boat



21947. 6 m long fisher boat up close - it is a very simple design with flat bottom, easy to build, yet very sturdy.



21950. The beach - view east



21953. The beach - view west



21954. New colorful apartment blocks at the beachfront



  Access path to Trubarjev dah / Trubar's breath cave, Pokljuka, July 11     Shkodėr / Skadar, Albania, Montenegro, August 5  

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