Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Jameos Cumplido, Lanzarote

April 25, 2016, 13 pictures

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Cueva de los Verdes


29758. The cave is one of the main tourist attractions on the island and the best showcave in the whole archipelago. Opens at 10, so at 9 it was quite tranquil all about it.



29757. Eastern entrance from the collapse serves as the tour exit.



29755. In the western entrance, used also as a tour starting point, this magnificent plant greets the visitors.



Jameos Cumplido


29759. The word jameo comes from Guanche language, of the archipelago first settlers, and means a cave with a collapsed roof. Jameo Cumplido is a remarkable set of three collapses, quite close to one another, and the two eastern ones are connected through a short through-cave, also called an arc; the western collapse is shallow and only has a small overhang-type cave on the eastern side. The eastern collapse has no easy access, only through the second collapse and the just mentioned cave. Jameo Cumplido is most easily accessed following a trail from Puerta Falsa. In the picture - eastern entrance of the eastern collapse with the sea in the distance.



29760. View of the western side of the eastern collapse, with the exit of a through cave, with Montaña Corona in the distance.



29761. View east through the cave, to the eastern collapse



29762. View back through the cave (west) to the middle collapse



29763. View east over the middle collapse with the entrance of the through-cave



29764. View east over the western collapse of Jameo Cumplido with the sea in the distance



Jameo de la Gentes


29775. The penultimate collapse, from the sea to the crater, is probably the most remarkable. Easily accessible, and with two splendid caves, the western (upper) and the eastern (lower) one. At first sight the bottom of the collapse seems inaccessible from the rim, but there is a short climb down which reaches a small plateau, built of rocks just for the purpose.



Montaña Corona Crater, from Ye


29777. View of the palm tree at the foot of the extinct volcano, the only one encountered on the trail, with vineyards and Ye in the background



29778. Three brave ones on the steep plates of the northwestern crater rim ...



29779. ... also in a wider view



  Cueva de Tahiche, Lanzarote, April 24     Jameo de la Gentes, Lanzarote, April 26  

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