Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Galacijevka Cave Canal, Day 17
The Second Breakthrough

May 28, 2016, 32 pictures

Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 in size, numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Event participants who also contributed (this way or another) to the making of the pictures: Gregor and Marina Pintar, Marjan Baričič, Blaž Fleišman, Janez Ileršič - Ile, Jure Trenz, Tomaž Kranjc - Garmin, Matej Blatnik - Kivi, Matic Di Batista - Diba, Ana Kuščer, Jan Tin Petkovšek, Tine Petkovšek, Dean Pestator, France Šušteršič, Janez Kanoni - Žan, Andrej Drevenšek, Teja Čeru, Anže Oblak, Jure Kunaver - Vili, Anton Brancelj, Matija Perne and Primož Jakopin - Klok.

All pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2016.


Forest Track from Kališka cesta Road to Vajzova cesta Road - One of Many


30306. Three DZRJL top cavers, all visited the deepest Slovenian beach, Copacabana at -1240 m: Garmin, Matej (with a new hairdo) and Matic



Skednena jama Cave - Southern Entrance


30308. View out into the green canopy of a sunny spring day: Ana and Jan Tin



Najdena jama Cave Forest Venue


30311. Outer Galacijevka team at the table below the awning: Ile and Jure with Andrej, their guest, before he departed to Najdena jama Cave



30310. Author's lunch: beef soup with noodles, garlic, cooked beans, apple compote, bread, blueberry jam (the latter three not shown)



From the Cave Entrance to the Current Ground Zero at - 44 m


30312. Blaž at a small shrine before the first canal at - 24 m



30314. The shrine with the picture of Viljem Putik, who started the Lanski vrh mystery with his long lost Lipertova jama Cave nearly 150 years ago



30317. Blaž



30319. Gregor in the final meander - view out



30321. Marina digging at the excavation front, view in



New Part of the Cave, It Opened After the Meander Breakthrough


30326. Blaž was the first to enter and overcome this very inconvenient horizontal traverse/squeeze above the first inner shaft (3 m). His enterprise was accidental - Marina returned from the excavation front after the last rock fall and as Blaž was quite cold because of long waiting in a wet part of the meander Gregor suggested that Blaž crawls over to the end and sees what are the future prospects. Blaž was glad to obey and made it into the new part of the cave. In the picture - Blaž on the other side of the traverse, view in



30327. Marina below the step at the end of the meander, view out



30328. Marjan and Blaž on the other side of the traverse, available light



30329. Marina and Gregor on the natural bridge between the two parallel shafts



30330. Slightly burnt out view of the chimney above the little hall



30332. View from the natural bridge to Marina (above) and Gregor, examining the small meander, very likely cave continuation



30334. Still life with Marina's cave climbing belt, available light



30335. Blaž on the natural bridge



30337. Cave continuation, infallibly indicated by a strong air current, is another narrow meander into which a tiny stream of water trickles forward.



30338. Another view of the final meander, the new ground zero at about - 50 m



30340. Another view up the chimney, to the upper part of the hall with two shafts at the bottom



30341. Tine and his gloved hand, available light



30342. 38 people visited Najdena jama cave on that day and Tine was the only one who paid us a visit. He was rewarded by being the sixth caver to eyewitness the new discovery. In the picture - Tine peeking over the first shaft, just before the traverse (the picture is positioned correctly).



Najdena jama Cave Forest Venue


30343. Jure, with a marble of flowstone in hand that France found on the track but which probably emanates from the pile of sand Žan brought with his tractor for awning construction; Dean.



30345. Marjan during a break in the tarpaulin shade, Marjan the member of Galacijevka top team, Marjan as he is



30346. Fire at the fireplace, with an embers-covered conical pot on tripod (right behind) where Anže was making some culinary surprise.



30347. Marjan in the shade, elated



30348. Andrej and Teja, with a little bit of Anže, in candid conversation



30349. A Mt. Kanin geospecialist and a frog photography grandmaster, Vili and Anton



30350. Matija showed ...



30351. ... that climbing is possible without ropes, too.



30352. View of the venue from the east. Most spruces, prevalent tree species before 2014, are now gone, and deciduous trees, beeches and hornbeams, are making a slow but steady recovery.



  Galacijevka Cave Canal, Day 16, May 18     Mosaics of Jože and Peter Ciuha, June 8  

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