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Search for the Rock Shelter

July 23, 2016, 12 pictures

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          Above Iška river, in the slopes of the ravine, there are several caves which merited registration in the Slovenian Cave Cadastre, i. e. they are at least 10 meters long or at least 10 meters deep. On of them is Spodmol v Iškem Vintgarju, Cad. Nr. 7749, 31 m long and 9 m deep, about 500 m to the north of Vrbica and about 20 m to the east of the river Iška. Vrbica is the confluence of Iška and Zala.


From Ustje to Vrbica


31020. The trek began at Ustje, about 800 m a. s. l., from where a little over half an hour descent brings you to Vrbica at 422 m a. s. l. In the picture: view from the Ustje house plateau to the southeast. Mt. Snežnik (1.796 m) is barely visible at the right side, on the horizon, the village Osredek is in the center, across the Zala river valley.



31019. The Ustje house



31021. Low deciduous forest below the Ustje plateau, against the light



31022. Ox-eye, Buphthalmum salicifolium, has little competition as the author's favorite flower (its Slovenian name is primožek).



31024. Vrbica is the confluence of Iška (left) and Zala.



31025. Snack: Khorasan wheat bread, yogurt, plum and peach compote, sour cherry pockets



31026. White-dotted black-winged moth with blue body and two yellow ribbons



Searching for the Rock Shelter, to the North of Vrbica


31029 - 31032. Composite view of the wall on the eastern side of Iška river, to the south of Vrbica



31028. View of Iška from below the wall



31027. Finally a rock shelter was found - not the one searched for, a much smaller one. Spodmol v Iškem Vintgarju will require a better homework.



From Vrbica Back to Ustje


31033. Three friends decided to set up an overnight camp at Vrbica.



31035. Smoke bush, Cotinus coggygria, ruj in Slovenian, against the last sunrays



  Najdena jama Cave, July 21     Uroš Ilič Farewell, July 26  

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