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Najdena jama Cave, Day 2 / Radošca - Radoshitza Cave, Day 6
The Muddy Wall

August 4, 2016, 36 pictures

Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Event participants who all contributed to the making of these pictures: Janez Kanoni - Žan, Jernej Petrovčič - Jerko, Metod Di Batista, Armin Krivec, Janez Ileršič, Mare Vogrič, Neja and Žiga Kramer.

All pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2016.


Najdena jama Cave Forest Venue


31167. It was a tough decision to make: Jerko, Ile and Metod.



31166. The snack: maize bread, low-fat curd, prosciutto (smaller part of it), garlic, blueberry jam, compote water



31168. Solving a technical, piton-related dilemma: Armin and Metod



Climbing the Chimney Above the Art's Syphon


31170. Armin surveying the position of the rift bottom ...



31171. ... and taking survey notes



31169. Metod is selecting the hardware he will need during the ascent and which will hang from his climbing belt.



31172. Metod climbed from piton to piton, using an etrier (short rope ladder with a few rungs) and a 10 m piece of steel rope ladder. Here he is seen at the first piton. Note his relative cleanliness.



31173. Metod in the wall, at the fifth piton, wider view ...



31174. ... and closer view



31179. Armin relieved the author of his duty to secure Metod in the wall so that these picture could be taken.



31181. Armin's feet in the mud ...



31178. ... up close



31182. Armin below the wall in an illumination setting, preferred by many cave photographers



31183. At the end of cave snack: canned tuna, bread, blueberry jam, diluted aronia juice



31185. Triangular rock outcrop in front of the Art's syphon; Armin



31187. Art's syphon is well entrenched in mud; Armin



31188. Metod threw the key for tightening the piton nuts to Armin. He will need it to collect the carabiners and piton ears from the wall as they are no longer necessary - the wall can now be climbed using the steel rope ladder Metod installed on top. The key was fastened to a short cord used to attach it to the climbing belt. But he did not throw the key far enough and it got stuck at the edge on top of the wall. In the picture: Metod is trying to push the key down the wall with the rope - eventually he succeeded.



31190. The wall with the ladder and the rope, and Metod on top, behind the rock pillar



31191. Armin is starting the ascent up the steel rope ladder, secured by Metod.



31192. Armin in the wall. The picture is unevenly illuminated as the flash at the right is sitting on the only suitable mud outcrop.



31193. Still life at the bottom of the wall, with the ladder and the rope



31195. Checking the emitter-receiver flash triggering circuit



31197. Author's boot, solidly anchored ...



31196. in the sea of mud. At one point, after he was standing for a while in the same place, he wanted to move but got surprised by his inability to do so despite a strong pull. He lost his balance and fell backwards, down the muddy slope. As he knew there is no serious obstacle behind him he did not try to change the direction of the fall to sideways. He held his camera in the right hand but did not succeed to hold it in the air all the time. At the end of the fall the wrist slowly bounced down, just to the point where the edge of the lens touched the mud. Yet in an instant it was back in the air and the pea-sized ball of mud rubbed off.



Šumeča dvorana Hall, Below the Krastača Cave


31199. The Sitting Sphinx - a flowstone cascade from the chimney opposite the descent from the Krastača cave



Junction of the Chimney and the Hall at the Art's Syphon


31205. Two natural bridges (in the background) on top of the wall where the chimney actually starts, gentle illumination.



31206. The same scene, strongly illuminated



31202. Armin is sitting on the narrow thickly mud-covered rock isthmus about 10 m above the foot of the wall, securing the author who climbed up the steel rope ladder.



31209. His portrait, illuminated by a flash bounced off the muddy wall in front of him. He has an innocent look, but is as firmly determined to do whatever it takes to climb up as was this young man (the resemblance is purely coincidental).



31204. It is all so muddy up there that the climbing gear was barely usable.



31210. Does Najdena jama cave have an above-the-water continuation to the north? Chances seem to be as dim as is the Armin's light from the top of the wall.



31212. Armin is descending down the steel rope ladder. The original colour of his caving suit can hardly be guessed, the colour of the author's transport bag at his waist - not at all.



Najdena jama Cave Forest Venue


31216. Armin in his cave fatigues



31218. His lunch: beef soup with spelt grated noodles, bread, yogurt, blueberry jam, compote of sour cherries



31217. At the table: Žan, Žiga, Neja and Mare



West of Suhi vrh


31219. The play of sparse clouds before sunset, as seen from the forest road junction



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