Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Spilja Brotun na Vidovoj gori / Brotun Cave on Mt. Vidova gora
Otok Brač / Brač Island

August 19, 2016, 10 pictures

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There are over 218 caves on the island, of which at least 186 start with a shaft. 5 are deeper than 200 meters, the deepest reached the depth of 329 m. There are several resources on Internet, most of them in Croatian language. An example is Speleosfera, journal of the Student speleo club "Ozren Lukić" at the Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering Faculty of the Zagreb University. Four numbers of this journal, in PDF format, can be downloaded from the site


First Chamber


31536. Access to the cave is reasonably well documented on the Internet, just follow the instructions (in Croatian) to the letter - here is one of the resources. There are also many cairns that lead the visitor, who loves caves and takes the utmost care to leave them in the same or better condition, from the ruins of the ancient church SW of the mountain top to the indentation in the cliff where the cave is located. In the picture: view out from the upper part of the first cave chamber.



31538. Opposite the entrance, to the left of the cave continuation, the ceiling is getting lower ...



31537. ... but with nice flowstone and sediment formations.



31539. Southern wall of the chamber is hollow and offers ...



31540. ... such a view through the center window.



31544. A mosaic of limestone and iron oxyde sediment on the ceiling



31548. View towards the passage which leads to the second cave chamber and where a piece of rope which we did not have is required.



31550. Lower part of the chamber, view east, in the direction of the entrance



31552. About 20 mm long (with antennas) pill bug, probably Armadillidium sp.



31554. Flowstone formations in the lower part of the chamber, view west



  Najdena jama Cave, August 14     Main Brač Island Quarry at Pučišće and Its Stone, August 22  

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