Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Wedding in Brda, Slovenia
A Few Close Impressions

September 17, 2016, 36 pictures


Many thanks to the newlyweds who made the publication of this page possible.



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32203. On a hill above the littoral plain, in the green of vineyards and orchards, to the north of the Adriatic, under a bright Mediterranean sky, ...



32204. from the home among olives and palms, ...



32211. ... the wedding proceeded to the church of St. Cross (Cerkev Sv. Križa).



32228. Carved inscriptions in the plate at the church door attest to all the important events in its history, back to around 1500 AD.



32212. Wedding guests gathered in the church yard, next to the medieval fortified tower which now serves as a catering base.



32216. The getaway car, Golf convertible, the groom's favourite oldtimer, in full gloss,



32217. Accordeon tunes of the live music



32226. The pastor greeted the pair at the door.



32214. In the church all was already in place.



32253. ... and to the ornamental ceiling



32256. The ceiling above the altar



32287. Stylish, high gloss shoes, of business dress code



32288. Next to them, an interesting combination of footwear



32336. A seductive synergy of leather, brass and tattoo



32239. Two little girls enjoyed the duty of petal throwers.



32229. The pad with the wedding rings ...



32236. ... and the box cover



32261. The bride and the groom were holding their hands,



32266. ... and the exchange of wedding rings followed.



32281. Mother, her son and his daughter in a cordial embrace



32313. We are married now!



32322. Pastime after the wedding was in the church yard. The gazeebo table had much to offer.



32333. Grapes, look like rebula variety but is something else.



32323. Egg fry with spinach



32324. Slices of crumble pie, cottage cheese soufflé, apple strudel



32325. Medium roasted beef slices with horseradish



32326. Country fried pork slices and roasted pork slices with bechamel dressing



32328. Cookies galore



32330. Bread and leavened pastries



32331. Sour delicacies: mushrooms, paprika, onions and olives in vinegar dressing



32334. A more modest selection: 4 cooked egg whites, maize bread, garlic, homemade plum jam, aronia juice



32364. Late in the afternoon, as the shadows became longer, ...



32357. ... the civil marriage followed, in Gredič / The Little Castle, famous as the scene from the longest running Slovenian TV soap opera Ena žlahtna štorija / One Noble Story.



32375. The mayor, accompanied by the wedding registrar, declared the couple legally wed. He added: Let it hold, we do not have the habit to do such things twice.



32379. The groom signed first.



32396. Wedding reception took place in the basement of the castle.



  Radošca / Radoshitza Cave 11, September 7     Zgornja Savinjska dolina / Upper Savinja Valley, September 20 - 21  

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