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Kurent Cave Near Dobec, Cad. Nr. 254
Menišija Educational Trail

February 25, 2017, 21 pictures

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From Dobec to the Cave


34325. Information board at the small parking lot, at the NW end of Dobec, at the side of the road Dobec - Pokojišče



34327. The church of St. Leonard (cerkev. sv. Lenarta in Slovenian) is a nice viewpoint to the south.



34358. Fountain at the roadside



34359. A pond, once used for livestock watering



34324. View south towards Cerkniško jezero lake (hidden behind the hills, center left) and Javorniki mountain chain above it



34360. The trail forks off the road Dobec - Pokojišče at this green waymark.



34328. Trail sign on a tree trunk



Gabrovška jama Cave


34330. The first attraction, some 20 m below the trail, is Gabrovška jama cave, cad. nr. 378, known for beautiful concretions. It is locked, but there is no information in sight, around the entrance or on the Internet, about when and how it could be visited. The padlock is rusty and tree roots have grown around the side of the iron door grate, firmly fastening it. From the data, available on the web, the cave was opened for tourist visits in 1934 - the year is also engraved in the metal plate at the grate side. It seems the cave was not entered in years.



34331. Door grate up close



34329. Entrance shaft is equipped with a fixed metal ladder and protective rings around it - view through the metal bars.



Kurent Cave, Cad. Nr. 254


34332. Cave entrance, under a large beech tree



34333. Crawling is not necessary to get in, bending the head and shoulders will do.



34336. View of the entrance from the cave slope ...



34335. ... and of the eastern side of the hall, dotted with concretions, from the bottom



34334. The hall is quite spacious - view from the entrance. At the right side of the bottom there is a passage to the Lower hall.



The Lower Hall


34337. Concretions in the chimney - on-camera flash ...



34338. ... and available light



34340. Large stalagmite, next to ...



34339. ... this flowstone wall



34341. View of the Lower hall from the bottom, towards the Upper hall



34342. Lesser horseshoe bat, mali podkovnjak in Slovenian, Rhinolophus hipposideros during the hybernation; 4 were observed in the cave



  Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 29, February 22     Zdratnik jama Cave, February 26  

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