Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Klojerca Cave

September 22 and 23, 2017, 21 pictures

          Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Event participants who contributed to the making of these pictures and related persons: Jakub Pysz, Bartek Juroszek, Jožek Košir - Cox, Jernej Petrovčič - Jerko, Gašper Košir, Herman Brvar and Janez Kanoni - Žan.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2017 except 37168 where the credits go to Jakub Pysz and the picture of Bartek in the entrance of Kokotov rov - photo and copyright also Jakub Pysz (published here with permission).

          Cave history. Klojerca was discovered about 10 years ago, during the surface thermovision winter research of possible Mačkovica cave continuation, performed by Cox and assisted by Klok. Till 2011 the cave was excavated to the depth of 12 m, at the beginning by Jerko and Klok, followed by a team of Cox, Klok, Herman and Gašper.

Towards the Cave Entrance


37163. It is easier to get the equipment to the cave if it is near - Bartek and Jakub at the car on the forest track; the only way to get the car over the rather steep slope was in reverse.



37164. Carrying the gear through the ferns



Cave Entrance


37165. A snack: cooked chickpeas, corn bread, black cumin oil, garlic, aronia juice



37166. Bartek is entering the cave over a 1 m wooden ladder provided by the photographer



37167. Second to enter the cave was to be the photographer and Jakub would take the picture. But he objected, the camera autofocus did not work for him, the picture in the optical viewfinder was blurred. So the author took this picture of the terrain above the entrance to demonstrate that the camera autofocus is OK. The problem was quickly resolved - Jakob's observation was based on the picture he saw through the really dusty viewfinder's outer lens ...



37168. ... and the picture could now be taken.



37169. Jakub



From the Current Cave Bottom at - 12 m onwards


37170. Bartek's portrait, taken in very cramped space



37172. Jagged rocks, combined with sinter layer in the wall niche



37173. Jakub, in tight space, too



37174. Bartek at about foot-sized hole through which a small rock could be thrown further and down. What followed was probably the most amazing squeeze breakthrough witnessed by the author in his not-so-short cave digging career. Bartek and Jakub managed to widen the nasty hole to human proportions in less than two hours. What followed was a small drop and a 4 m shaft.



37176. At its bottom was a large-fist-sized hole through which the rock could be thrown about 8 m deep. The problem was that the hole was in sinter on all sides which required special tool (wide flat chisel) not at hand. In the picture - Bartek seen from the top of the shaft, digging with what he had available ... a hammer and a narrow chisel. The next day, September 23, the photographer provided the wide chisel and the works could continue. A shaft of 6 m followed, 1 m wide, filled with collapse rock at the bottom - but not without continuation (see map).



Planina Railway Station


37177. Clematis overgrown fruit tree west of the main building



Članska vas Village


37180. The evening we spent in the cozy setting of Članska vas, pleasant warmth was coming from the stove that Žan provided.



Vranja jama Cave, Kokotov rov Tunnel, September 23


Bartek in the entrance squeeze, view from the Vranja jama collapse (photo by J. Pysz)



Map of the new parts of Kokotov rov, explored and drawn by Jakub and Bartek (September 22 and 23, map on 25, 2017. Sandy brown dotted vertical line was added by P. Jakopin, what is to the left of it was known before September 22, 2017, to the right there are newly explored parts, 40 to 50 m in length.



Klojerca Cave


Map of the new parts of Klojerca, explored and drawn by Jakub and Bartek (September 22 and 23, map on 25, 2017).



Planinska jama Cave, Pivka Sleeve


37195. The magnificent cave provides many places, very suitable for portrait work. In the picture - Jakub ...



37196. ... and Bartek



37198. Two lads, on the rocks ...



37200. ... and the entire team, the more the merrier



  Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 57, September 20     Trevor R. Shaw in Članska vas, September 27  

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