Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Tošč / Mt. Tošč, 1.021 m
Sunny, hilly autumn afternoon

October 7, 2017, 20 pictures

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From Topol pri Medvodah to Gonte Farmhouse


37323. The second part of the trail to the foot of Mt. Grmada is gentle, virtually level, follows a 750 m isohypse.



37324. Vertical view south over the village Dolenja vas pri Polhovem Gradcu to Mt. Snežnik (1.796 m) on the horizon



37325. Closer telephoto view of Dolenja vas pri Polhovem Gradcu



37326. Telephoto view southeast to Mt. Krim (1.107 m) over the Ljubljana plain, still deep in fog and/or low clouds



37327. View of the top of Mt. Grmada (898 m) with visitors on the trail. The last 150 m of ascent, from the eastern foot, is quite steep.



37328. The snack: cooked chickpeas, bread, garlic, black cumin oil, goat yogurt, plum jam, oatmeal cookies, aronia juice with hot water



37329. A rabbit in the fenced meadow at the Gonte farmhouse playground for kids



From Gonte to Mt. Tošč and Back


37330. View southwest over the hilly landscape



37332. View southeast over the Mt. Grmada and Ljubljana plain to Mt. Krim and Mt. Mokrc (1.059 m, center left)



37331. Closer view of the Mt. Grmada summit with the Gonte meadow on its northern slope, from Mali Tošč



37333. Long telephoto view of Mt. Grmada peak with two visitors on top



37334. Mt. Triglav (2.864 m) from the Tošč peak, through the branches ...



37335. ... and an obstructed, direct view



37347. View of the northwestern slopes of Mt. Grmada with a lone farm in its lap



37349. Parts of the trail are wide, follow a forest track, and today the scene bathed in the autumn sun, in all the shades from dark green to yellow, orange and brown.



37350. View of Mt. Grmada peak over the meadow above the Gonte farmhouse



37353. Sun and clear sky are peeking through the beech canopy, a darker ...



37354. ... and a lighter shot.



37356. The eastern part of the trail follows a track, cut into the northern hill slope.



37357. View west over the track and an ancient gravel pit, against the sun



  Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 59, October 5     Planina Kuhinja pod Krnom, October 11  

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