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Lanski vrh
Warm Breeze from the Deep

November 18, 2017, 13 pictures

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To Skednena jama Cave


37676. A week ago the track to Skednena jama cave was still considerably clogged by the branches of the fallen spruce ...



37711. ... but by means of this collapsible (large) pocket saw, gloves and 20 minutes of time ...



37709. ... the same guy, dressed a bit differently ...



37710. ... made the passage much more usable - only the head needs to be bowed to get through.



37714. Temperature was measured in different places, including the small side tunnel in the eastern wall at the middle of the main cave tunnel - here it is seen from the other side of the tunnel ...



37713. ... from the near vicinity ...



37712. ... and quite close.



37715. Tiny drops of water falling from the chimney at the main tunnel U turn, close to the northern entrance. Multiple flash exposure, about 50 flash bursts in 30 seconds



37716. Water trickling down from the fissure closer to the northern entrance, again multiple flash exposure



Članska vas Village


37717. Still life on the kitchen countertop during the praparation of this ...



37718. ... snack: cooked chickpeas and apple, corn bread, garlic, black cumin oil, khaki, aronia juice with hot water.



Krastača Cave (Brezno v Tratnikovem koniku, Cad. Nr. 213) Entrance


37719. The last, surprisingly warm tempereature reading (see the table below), was taken in the middle of the opening among the vines upper center in the picture that were swung by the warm air current, exhaled from the cave.



Temperature Measurements

Nr.   Locality   Precise location   Air movement   Temperature   Time
1.   Članska vas   5 m N of the northern door, 0.3 m above ground   No wind   2.3 ⁰C   800
2.   Radošca Cave Entrance   Middle of the air current   Noticeable outgoing air current   9.5 ⁰C   845
3.   Skrivni vhod mame Luše Cave   Entrance middle   No air current   4.1 ⁰C   915
4.   Najdena jama Cave Entrance   Middle of the air current   Noticeable outgoing air current   9.5 ⁰C   930
5.   Skednena jama Cave   10 m outside of the southern entrance   No wind   4.3 ⁰C   945
6.   Skednena jama Cave   Middle of the southern entrance   Very slight outgoing air current   4.6 ⁰C   950
7.   Skednena jama Cave   Main tunnel, middle   No air current   5.0 ⁰C   1000
8.   Skednena jama Cave   Rov pionirjev tunnel entrance   No air current   6.0 ⁰C   1005
9.   Skednena jama Cave   Outside of the northern entrance   No wind   4.2 ⁰C   1045
10.   Skednena jama Cave   Middle of the northern entrance   No air current   4.2 ⁰C   1050
11.   Krastača Cave   Outside, 1 m away from the entrance   No wind   7.1 ⁰C   1215
12.   Krastača Cave Entrance   Middle of the air current   Noticeable outgoing air current   10.8 ⁰C   1220

Table 1: Temperature measurements, the main aim of the excursion. Last measurement, Nr. 12, was repeated, 10 minutes after the first measurement, with the same outcome.


Lanski vrh


37720. View south from the track above Krastača, to Mt. Planinska gora, over the apocalypse now resembling forest remains



  Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 64, November 15     Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 65, November 23  

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