Primož Jakopin, photo diary

The Gambia
Senegambia, Brikama, Gambia River, Bald Cape

January 24, 2018, 40 pictures

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Ayssa, Pubby, their family and friends participated in many pictures of this page.

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38502. Breakfast: couscous with banana, soaked dry cranberries and mulberries, camomille tea, Malarone pill (not shown)



38503. Pubby is checking the morning mail on the cell phone.



38505. Ayssa: Venceremos!





38507. A fabric vendor in her shop. It is her new job after a full carrer as a teacher.



38509. A snack on the seat of a metal chair: cooked green beans and chickpeas, garlic, bread, black cumin oil, aronia juice with hot water



A Trip to the Gambia river oxbow lake


38512. Pubby's friends in the roots of a one of the giant trees, it is not baobab, which still adorn the countryside around Brikama. They remained probably also because of the common belief that these gigantic creatures are home of evil spirits which are better left alone. This is especiually true in cennection with women - to put any member of the gentle gender anywhere higher than the foot of the tree will be met with, mildly speaking, great discontent.



38514. A woman is returning from the work in the field.



38510. A mangrove island



38511. During the winter drought, from late November to the end of April, many parts of Gambia river oxbows, as is depicted here, turn into dry land.



38520. Swimming in the lake ...



38519. ... is a true joy, especially as there are no crocodiles here to, to spoil ...



38524. ... the pleasant refreshment.



38515. Mangroves, up close



38518. A bird, looks like the western reef heron, Egretta gularis, is taking off from the shallow water near the shore.



38522. Two doves



38526. A small bay at the nortwestern side



38530. Palms on the southern bank, with high grass in the foreground



38533. Pubby (center) and friends on the road, returning





38521. The neighbour prepared the lunch for her family, in two dishes: cooked rice, sauce of vegetables with baked fish



38527. The little girl is having a bath.



38529. What a surprise!



38537. Lunch in the yard of a 5 mini-apartment compound with a common kitchen and lavatory space. It is the main meal of the day, here five members of the nine-person family, including the mother who did the cooking, and two neighbours, are present. Eating is with hands, which is the fastest, the most efficient and environmentally friendly way of doing things.



38538. Pubby is enjoying a quiet moment on the sofa.



38539. What to wear for the trip to the sea is never a simple question.



A Trip to the Sea, to the Bald Cape


38540. Waiting in the car at the side of the market - Ayssa will soon be back with the fish.



38556. The family on the way to the beach ...



38557. ... in a closer shot, a bit too close



38545. After we found a suitable place to set foot, the elder girls could not wait to get to the sea while the boys and the little one were more reluctant to venture closer to the wet element.



38546. I just tried a forward roll ... did not make it, but who cares!



38542. Cleaning the fish, against the late afternoon sun ...



38551. ... now done ...



38549. ... and two nieces also joined in.



38561. The fish is ready to be baked.



38560. Playing in the sand with whatever is available at hand, a fournée which did its job is in the foreground.



38562. A photo shoot: the mother in her full-length dress of elegantly combined dot-patterned fabric pieces (light sky, dark earth), tight above the knees to emphasize the figure



38570. Collecting small shells on the beach



38558. The last portion of the fish was baked as a take-away, for the husband



38565. The family before the departure from the beach: the son, husband's nephew, youngest daughter, the mother, eldest daughter, her younger sister, mother's youngest sister





38572. Ayssa prepared a simple, yet high-energy evening snack for her and for Pubby: fried eggs in abundant vegetable oil with mayonnaise and bread. With it they drank cold water from the freezer.



38573. A more moderate evening snack: couscous with blackcurrant jam, oatmeal cookies, apple compote



  Brikama, Bald Cape, January 23     Senegambia, Cape Point, Denton Bridge, Bald Cape, January 25  

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