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The Gambia
Senegambia, Banjul, Denton Bridge

January 27, 2018, 26 pictures

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Ayssa and Pubby participated in many pictures of this page.

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38656. Breakfast: couscous with banana, soaked dry cranberries and mulberries, camomille tea, Malarone pill (not shown)



38655. Breakfast by Ayssa: baked fish with vegetable oil and vegetables, fried potatoes, mayonnaise, bread, water from the freezer



Banjul, Albert Market


38657. Orange peels, drying in the sun. Oranges are usually sold peeled.



38658. Smoked fish on sale



38664. African women are known for simple, yet innovative, charming, exquisite fashion and it shows in every step. A good example is this tastefully dressed lady in green.



38668. Two young women are just about to pass one by the other, both very stylish, in black-white-red-yellow and all the shades of brown from black to sandy



38669. A lady with a sizeable burden on her head, again in an elegant attire ...



38670. ... what can also be said for the lady in the red and black checkered dress.



Banjul Downtown


38659. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, view down the nave towards the altar



38660. The list of parish priests



38661. View up the nave towards the entrance



38662. The rented car we finally could use in the evening of the second day. The third day in the afternoon the car's left rear window could not be moved up from the lower position. As the repair by the car's owner would require a lost 4th day (normally paid for by the renter as all other days) we decided for a brief visit at the mechanic, 15 minutes drive away in the direction of Serrekunda. In 10 minutes he managed to fix the window in upper position, using just a foot long piece of wire (a universal remedy, komad žice in Serbian). To repair the window properly would require replacement of a broken small part, which would be very hard to obtain and which is only sold as a larger window mechanism set. The price of the intervention: 200 dalasis (again covered by the renter). There were no larger problems with the car later, not counting the failure of the remote door lock control. It could only be locked manually, albeit with separate closing of the left rear door by pushing the lock lecer down after all the other doors were locked.



Banjul Port


38663 and 38665. Panoramic view of the ferry terminal in Banjul. The crossing of the 7 km wide estuary of the river Gambia (to Barra) by ferry takes patience, often waiting times are longer than one day. So the northern part of the Gambia is actually quite a remote place. The new president announced plans the bridge crossing, which would be of immense importance not only for the Gambia, but because of the geographic shape of the country also for Senegal and other countries in the region.



38666. View of the port of Banjul, to the south of the ferry terminal



Mangroves West of Denton Bridge


38671. One more snack in the sand: cooked yellow lentils, bread, garlic, blackcurrant jam, black cumin oil, aronia juice with hot water



38676. Two seagulls on the sand tongue



Banjul, Albert Market


38672. Inside the covered market



38673. Side street at the end of the market



38675. View down the Liberation Avenue (one way, take care!) - the main market entrance is to the left in the colonades



Banjul West Entrance


38677. Arch 22, 36 m high gateway to Banjul, view from the southwest



38678. The National Assembly



38679. Commemorative plaque, of the 40th Anniversary of The Banjul Declaration



38680. Catholic cemetery is to the north of the road to Banjul, a city on an island





38681. Evening snack: (over)baked potatoes, baked fish middle, apple compote



38682. A mosquito net was acquired in the Albert Market (250 dalasis) as the 220 V plug-in anti-mosquito fluid dispenser failed to perform adequately and here Ayssa is fixing one end of the rope to the curtain holder. The other side of the rope, diagoanally across the bedroom, was fixed to a small screwdriver, borrowed from the nightguard of the appartment complex, and nailed to a small hole in the door frame.



38684. Pubby tested if the net performs well.



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