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The Gambia
Senegambia, Banjul Airport, Sal Airport

February 5, 2018, 15 pictures

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Ayssa and Pubby participated in a pictures of this page.

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38982. Breakfast: couscous with banana and soaked dry cranberries, camomille tea, Malarone pill (not the last one, they have to be taken for at least another week)



38984. Africell shop on the other side of Senegambia Road, halfway from the Senegambia Highway junction to the sea. They also have a booth at the airport. Africell is the best choice for the local cell phone carrier, purchase of their SIM card (5 dalasis) and both calling and megabyte credit (say 100 and 200 dalasis) is an absolute necessity for the visiting traveller.



38986. Senegambia Beach Hotel is on the right side at the end of Senegambia Road, towards the coast. To the left of its entrance there ...



38985. ... is a bag-and-souvenir shop (right side of the picture) and to the left of it is the MJ Financial Services Gambia outlet, the last resort when ATM machines and bank offices fail to deliver you money from your credit card.



Banjul International Airport


38987. Ayssa and Pubby in the airport hall



Flight to Sal, Cabo Verde


38988. Is it a bobble cap? One would think so, but in fact it is ...



38996. ... a pom pom hairstyle.



38989. A passenger travelling to Ghent with her baby son



Sal International Airport


38997. Another TUI fly plane on the airport runway is approaching the apron. The photographer's flight was part of the Brussels-Sal-Brussels charter line, which has an intermediate stop in Banjul.



38990. View of the runway from the rear plane exit, with Monte Leão on the southwestern horizon. The surface of the volcanic island is barren, with very sparse vegetation, even more than for instance the south of Tenerife island.



38991. View of the end of the left wing, rear part and the tail of the plane, on the airport apron



38992. Airport's open air lounge where the transit passengers from Banjul to Brussels could also stay after disembarking for the plane cleanup.



38993. A cloud above Sal covered the sun briefly.



38994. A selfie - the open air lounge door was used as a mirror



Flight from Sal to Brussels


38995. TUI fly air hostess at work



  Senegambia, Kotu, Mangroves West of Denton Bridge, February 4     From Brussels to Ljubljana, February 6  

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