Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Sonja Puskás (born Vahčič), 30. 1. 1931 - 2. 4. 2018

April 12 and 13, 2018, 49 pictures

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Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin, year 1996 and later, except 25694 where the photographer is not known.

This report was sponsored by Japec and Jernej Jakopin; Tivadar Puskás vastly improved the photographer's dress code.




Aunt Sonja


96715040. Her portrait, taken after the farewell of her sister Gitica in March 1996, in the yard of Gostilna Vrbinc / Vrbinc Inn, Peruzzi street, Ljubljana



From Ljubljana to Basel, April 12


39689. It was raining when we boarded the plane at the Ljubljana airport (more about the plane at the end of this report).



39690. The girl in front row of the author's seat had a most luxurious hair



39691. View through the Zürich airport corridor window - Switzerland now has several airlines: Swiss, Helvetic and ... Edelweiss.



Home of Sonja's Son near Basel


39697. A recent artwork acquisition: Silent Dynamism, oil and sand on canvas, by Karina Wisniewska



39695. Cold cuts, salad and (part of) cheese the hostess prepared for the supper



39700. Khorasan wheat palačinke (pancakes) the author brought from Ljubljana were reheated in the kitchen oven.



From Basel to Solothurn


39722. We passed a lorry with a sign, most familiar to the writer of these lines



St. Mary's Church in Biberist


39737. View of the church from the southwest



39740. Church chancel with the flower island, devoted to Sonja.



39761. The chancel backdrop fresco



39741. View of the church nave with 63 attending persons, the family and friends



39746. The organ



39759. Wreath of white roses by Sonja's son and his spouse



39760. Two pillars, situated at the sides of the chancel, also had a ball of white roses on top - here the southern one is depicted.



39747. Stained glass in the window south of the main church entrance



39748. Church tower with the clock - the farewell began at 10 a. m.



The Funeral


39757. View of the church from the back side, from the graveyard



39763. Coming to the grave



39765. The urn was lowered ...



39766. ... into the grave.



39772. The grave



39773. Tombstone side with the craftsman's inscription



39751. Tile mosaic on the northern wall of the funeral home, adjacent to the graveyard



39775. The clouds and the sun - from sorrow below to new hope above



Enge Gasthaus Which Aunt Sonja Used to Visit for Fish and Salad


39790. View from the west ...



39791. ... and from the south



39776. The main dish, here presented by Sonja's grandson, were fish and potatoes



39762. Chair arrangement (one chair short) ...



39777. ... for the group shot with all the participants of the funeral reception



39782. Brother and sister, Sonja's grandchildren, in a playful embrace



A Stroll in the Solothurn Old Town


39792. Tree tops in the park soutwest of the Kreuzacker bridge



39793. Shoes of men in black, at the river bank



39801. Author's outfit in brown colours



39789. View of the Landhausquai houses across the Aare river



39794. View of the St. Ursus Cathedral (Solothurn Cathedral) with its monumental entrance staircase from the west ...



39795. ... and the cathedral interior - view down the nave, from the entrance to the chancel



39796. A Harley Davidson motorcycle parked at the Hauptgasse caffee - the picture was taken because of the bike colour: British racing green.



39797. Clochard jeans store



39798. Trilingual (EAU - WASSER - ACQUA) iron cover of the city water supply outlet in Barfuessergasse



39799. An accidental, unintended shot of the author's shadow on the quay



39800. Southwestern corner of the Landhaus Gymsaal as seen from the Landhausquai



From Solothurn to Zürich


39803. Arrival of the train



39805. Swiss air carrier aircraft on the tarmac of the Zürich airport



39806. It was an Adria Airways flight, operated by Trade Air, the plane was a Fokker 100



39808. Evening view west from the top of the mobile airplane staircase



A Few Older Photos


25694. Studio photo of Sonja with a ball, aged about two, from the Vinko Bavec atelier, Rajhenburg (now Brestanica). From the family archive.



18021. Sonja and her nephew at the stern of Sweet Sue, sailing to Soline, salt pans at Sečovlje, Slovenia, summer 2013



24970. The grave of Sonja's parents and their second grandson in Leskovec, Slovenia, March 6, 2015



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  Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 75, April 4     Saturday Afternoon at the Pod stenami Sinkholes, April 14  

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