Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Russia : From Moscow to Kalač
Voyage Through the Heartland

May 4, 2018, 33 pictures

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Appartment on Novorjazanskaja street, obtained through Airbnb


40086. View of the appartment building from the Kazanskiy Vokzal railway station



40075. Most stylish bathroom lavatory ...



40076. ... the triangular bathtub with a slow motion sink ...



40077. ... and also a very stylish ceiling illumination



40082. The eastern bedroom mattress will soon be refitted, so it was used for storage ...



40079. ... while the living room folding sofa was a good sleeping alternative.



40080. The kitchen ...



40081. ... and the appartment entrance (mirror on the front door). Left door leads mto the toilet, the right one to the bathroom.



40083. Colourful mosaic-style tile flooring at the entrance



40084. Staircase to the yard entrance/exit (at the left)



Moscow - Voronež by Train


40087. It was a double-deck train, in the picture the connecting staircase is depicted.



40089. Lavatory ...



40088. ... and the toilet, reminds one of an airplane arrangement.



40090. The first seat on the upper deck



40091. The interior of the upper deck - it is a 1 + 2 seat arrangement; the slippers are complimentary. It was a very smooth ride.



40093. Birch forest on the western side of the railway



40094. View of the Don river



40095. Every car has an attendant - here shown with passengers descending from the car ...



40096. ... in Voronež



40097. Interior of the central train station



From Voronež to Kalač


40099. Lenin Square ...



40098. ... with the House of the Soviets, seat of the administration of Voronezh region



40100. Voronezh State Agrarian University named after Emperor Peter I. Here Žak Jakobin worked from 1957 till ?



40101. University name board



40103. The main university auditorium



40234. The forest in front of the main building



40235. Blue and violet forest flowers



40104. Three quarters of the 240 km route follows the 1.500 km Federal Automobile Road M-4 "Don" (Moscow - Krasnodar), till Pavlovsk



40110. The host, Alexander, and the most competent driver, Nikolaj, on arrival in Kalač



At the Home of Olya and Alexander Kozinin


40111. Aerial view of the welcoming table



In the Sculptor's Atelier


40109. The bust of Boris Godunov



40105. Female nude, around 1997



40106. Head of the bust of General Bagration, the ongoing project of the sculptor.



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