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Russia : Return From Kalač
See You Again

May 6, 2018, 14 pictures

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Hotel Bitovik, Kalač


40228. A room on the first floor, early in the morning



Along the Road to Pavlovsk


40229. Freshly cultivated wheat field, earth and the sky, landscape ...



40230. ... and portrait view



40231. View east, the sun is peeking over a tree barrier along the road and among the fields



From Voronež Airport to Šeremetjevo


40239. Airport attendant, just about to close the bus door.



40240. Passengers on the way to Aeroflot SSJ 100 airplane



40241. View down the aisle, there are 5 seats in a row.



40243. Seat belt instructions in two languages



40242. A pilot-like uniform of the steward ...



40244. ... and an impeccable, vivid attire of the stewardess, in the color other airlines are shy of.



40249. View up from the bottom of the Šeremetjevo airport main building's side staircase



From Šeremetjevo to Ljubljana


40250. Airport bus, soon to be on the way to plane



40251. Passengers are embarking the Ljubljana-bound Adria Airways Bombardier CRJ900LR airplane.



40252. View west from the window of the airplane, just about to enter the low cloud cover, before the descent



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