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Rakov Škocjan Caving Eldorado
An Evergreen

July 7, 2018, 11 pictures

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Tkalca jama Cave


40999. View of the southern, upper, entrance from below, as green as can be



41002. View of the entrance hall from above, the riverbed is dry at this time of the year.



41003. View back from the cave to the entrance hall - a lake remainded here and there after the recent rains.



41000. View out through the eastern entrance ...



41005. ... and a view in



41010. Easten entrance as seen from the viewpoint above the Big Natural Bridge



Veliki naravni most / Big Natural Bridge


41007. View north from below the natural bridge ...



41008. ... and a view south, the river has turned into a chain of ponds.



41009. View out (east) from the cavern in the western bridge wall



Lanski vrh


41011. Sunset at the side of Kališka cesta road



41012. Evening snack in the familiar spot not far from the main road: corn bread, goat yogurt, (half of) kiwi, hot water



  Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 84, July 4   Seča, Gulf of Piran, July 21  

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