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Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 89
Digging Deeper

August 29, 2018, 42 pictures

          Most images are approximately 768 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Event participants who contributed to the making of these pictures and related persons: Janez Kanoni - Žan, Metod Di Batista, Marjan Baričič, Gregor Pintar - Stari, Marko Vogrič - Mare and Igor Maksim Košir - Ičo. Butterfly in the picture 41564 was identified by Adrian Wilkins.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2018.

Članska vas Village


41563. Marjan is getting ready for cave work while Ičo is explaining to Žan the intricate anomaly of the electron scattering on a mesh.



41564. A female silver-washed fritillary, Argynnis paphia, gospica (little lady) in Slovenian



41565. Ičo's snack: kulen, cheese and žemlja (bread roll is a rather poor translation)



41566. Another snack: cooked chickpeas and spinach, buckwheat bread, garlic, black cumin oil, figs, plums, aronia juice with spinach water



41562. The weather cooled off by about 5 degrees C since last week.



41568. There are many ways to make fire, some are more comfortable than others.



To Cave Bottom and Back


41569. Gregor on top of the depot, now filled to capacity.



41570. Mare with a full bucket - the feeling was quite overwhelming as today was his first deep down cave duty.



41571. Marjan above the terminal pit



41572. Matod is digging ...



41573. ... quite a distance below the the access ledge.



41574. Beams that hold the collapse in place



41575. Continuation is believed to be where the light comes from ...



41577. ... behind these rocks, below a firm ceiling which is no longer part of the collapse.



41578. Close view of the current excavation place



41580. A hole in the collapse, opposite the excavation ceiling



41579. View up from the bottom with Metod on top ...



41581. ... and now already below again



41582. Marjan is waiting in the tunnel for the Klok to pass him on the way up so that he can replace Metod at the excavation front.



41583. View of the entrance pit from below



41587. Improvised tripod ...



41586. ... for this selfie at the entrance



41584. Gregor, on his way down after a short break outside, tried how the phone camera shutter release voice control would work ...



41585. ... and Cheese! proved to be the best choice.



Članska vas Village


41588. View of the village in the deciduous foliage, from the trail to Radošca



41589. Preparation of afternoon snack on the open fire: hot water and pancakes



41590. Mare and Marjan are back ...



41591. ... and so are Metod and Gregor.



41592. Getting out of the cave digging fatigues



Unica River to the South and to the Southeast of the Village Laze


41593. View to Breg Unica riverbank from the access track



41594. View upstream Unica with dense grass and willow bushes at the sides, Planinska gora hill is on the horizon.



41595. River crossing shallows ...



41596. ... and a view downstream



41597. Jama v Dolenjih lokah cave (Cave Registry Nr. 172), a sinkhole with an artificially widened entrance, view from inside out ...



41598. ... and here from the end of the artificial tunnel



41599. View towards the inside from the end of the concrete wall



41600. View southeast, across Unica



41601. Požiralnik pri Dolenjih lokah cave, view from the Unica river bed



41603. Hornbeam trees, in the forest above the sinkholes



41604. Closer view of the hollow trunk of the hornbeam on the left of the previous picture - a bumble bee just flew into its interior.



41605. View out from the hornbeam cavern



41602. View west across Unica with Planinska gora in the background



  Metod's Platinum Jubilee, August 24     Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 91, September 12  

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