Primož Jakopin, photo diary

From Članska vas to Markov spodmol

November 7, 2018, 14 pictures and a brief film sequence

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Članska vas Village


42356. Članska vas shelter today nearly got a different stove (pictured above). Little used, with an oven, much more efficient in the use of firewood than the current Članska vas stove. One of the Članska vas chronists, very much inclined to cooking, brought it as a replacement for the current one, cunningly encouraged by the Članska vas principal who supported the idea. Yet there were other ideas about the final destination of the stove, not immediately obvious. After the stove was unloaded from the car it was a piece of cake to divert the conversation in the direction of the stove's unsuitability, the main reason being the size of the fire chamber. Firewood logs, prepared for the winter at the western wall of the shelter, would have to be cut in half. The discussion how to do it (again a piece of cake for all the gear available) did not take place, it rather turned to other possible use of the stove, less directly beneficial to Članska vas. To the astonishment of the donor, in no time, before he could catch his breath, the stove ...



42372. ... landed in the trunk of the principal's car.



From Članska vas to Markov spodmol


42371. The last snack: cooked spinack and peas, garlic, bread, black cumin oil, wild plum jam, aronia juice with spinach water



42374. The guts of the photographer urgently demanded change of location: here is the view of the northwestern part of Planinsko polje valley from Grčarevec.



42375. Overloading clouds above the hills southwest of Postojna



42376. View of Mt. Nanos from the south, with its peak hidden in the clouds



Markov spodmol Cave


42377. A week or so of rain gradually led to higher water level of Sajevščica brook. The stream bed was not dry any more, but the brook still disappeared into the ground some 50 m before the cave entrance. In the picture: view of the Sajevščica sink from the plateau in front of the cave entrance.



42378. View out from the cave entrance, available light aided by a 10 W LED floodlight from the left side.



42380. View towards the entrance (upper centre) from the inner side of a rock canyon past the entrance



42382. A moth on the rock, carved by water



42381. Some 150 m into the cave, at a point where the tunnel starts to descend, the trail disappears below the water which closed the majority of cave. In the picture: view of the partly submerged tunnel, Illuminated by a 10 W LED floodlight on the tripod at the right.



42383. On the bend just before the previous scene, where the ceiling lowers, on the left side of the tunnel (viewed towards inside the cave) there is a vertical connection to the lower floor of the cave. From there a subdued, but very clear sound of water, running over the rocks, spread quite far in the cave.



42384. Here the scene is in closer view (center of the previous piucture). If it was not for the sound, the place could never be noticed, though it is ...



42385. ... about 3 m deep chimney, center of a radially positioned series of fissures, enlarged by the water, wide enough to be passable by a human.



15 seconds of sound made by the lower level stream


  Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 97, October 24     Lanski vrh and Babni dol, November 17  

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