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Krompirjeva jama Cave
Opening of the Memorial to Honor the Russian Soldiers Captured During WWI

December 8, 2018, 17 pictures

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Access to the Cave


42691. Two temporary parking lots ...



42689. ... south of the junction where a forest track forks off the road Temnica - Kostanjevica na Krasu, quickly started to fill up.



42692. The majority of the visitors, such as the two ladies depicted here, came from the Kras / Karst region of Slovenia, the plateau above the Gulf of Triest. In the background - the clearing in front of the cave was full of mainly diplomatic chorus vehicles (BMW, Audi and Mercedes).



42693. The entrance is situated in the middle of the sparse forest with juniper bushes.



42694. It was a clear, sunny day with a cloud here and there.



The Cave


42695. Standard-bearers, praporščaki in Slovenian, on the staircase that leads down to the cave



42696. The cave is of one large chamber with artificial, flat floor, here depicted fulll of visitors and guests, and was in the history used for potato storage - hence the cave name.



42697. Complimentary white wine from the Karst region was sipped from a container, made of WWI artillery shell.



42698. A chorus is singing a Russian folk poem, with members of Temnica caving club in front.



42699. In front of the podium a stew brewing in a kettle over an open fire brought the air from a century ago when the cave was a shelter for soldiers from many countries.



42700. Short piano pieces connected parts of the ceremony.



42701. Russian Ambassador to Slovenia, Mr. Doku Zavgaev, decorated members of the local community and Temnica caving club for their service of bringing the memorial and its surroundings to life.



42702. View out from the cave entrance, during the ceremony



Kostanjevica na Krasu, Top of the Hill, 295 m a. s. l.


42705. View north-northwest



42703. Map at the cemetery entrance, with important caves in the neighbourhood



42704. Head on the stone portal at the cemetery entrance



42706. View from the west, of the church and the cemetery with cedars and a cypress




  Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 102, December 6    At the Home of Boja in Ljubljana, December 13 

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