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Rakov Škocjan and Lanski vrh
Sunny Winter Afternoon

January 12, 2019, 16 pictures

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Tkalca jama (Weaver's Cave)


43029. First world war Austrian ice-axe from the AustroHungarian-Italian front in the Julian Alps, metal part is 33 cm long, repaired and painted, with a new handle, to be cut to measure before the first use. It was intended to be deployed in cave excavation, especially of soft calcite as is found on the bottom of Radošca cave.



43030. View out to the northern cave entrance from the entrance hall. The Rak river bed looks dry but is not ...



43032. ... a small stream still trickles among the rocks.



43034. View of the eastern entrance (right) and the northern one (left) from the tunnel past the entrance hall.



43031. Ice curtains hanging from a rock at riverbed side, available light ...



43038. ... and those hanging from one of the tree trunks left by the flood which followed the February 2014 frozen rain disaster (helmet headlight plus a small LED light from the right side).



43035. View towards the entrance hall from the inner tunnel, across the lake ...



43036. ... and a wider view, from a position a stone's throw deeper in the cave.



43037. View across the riverbed towards the inner part of the tunnel, illuminated from the left side



43039. Remnants of the forest above the cave entramce, to the south, with Mt. Slivnica (1.114 m) at the horizon center



New Cave Excavation Site


43023. A remarkable job was done this week - the pile of rocks north of the entrance is twice bigger as it was a week ago.



43024. Pile of rocks with entrance in the background



43025. Closer view ...



43026. ... and quite a close view.



43027. View down the continuation wall from the selfie-tripod, extended into the hole, but turned too much upwards ...



43028. ... and a view slightly downwards with the camera sunk into the hole as far as it gets.



  Lanthieri Mansion in Vipava, January 11     Lanski vrh, January 16  

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