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March 17, 2019, 19 pictures

          Most images are approximately 768 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Names of cave parts were given by the photographer. The most visible event participants in the pictures and related persons: Tjaša Vezovnik and her companion (Tjaša team), Uroš Kunaver. Maja Hostnik determined the plant in the picture 43717, Daniel Rojšek the caterpillars in images 43730 and 43731. We were a team of 6; times are increasingly tough, and half of us opted for web silence. So their presence in the report is kept to a minimum.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2019.

43726. The working machine of the Petnjak excavation leader - its front view ...



43729. ... and the dashboard



43710. Tjaša team on the way to the work site



43711. View out of one of the artillery piece shelters, probably for a mine thrower, in the western slope of the collapsed doline



43712. In the northwestern corner there is a wall indentation which looks a bit like a cave from afar.



43713. It is a difficult climb, loose rocks, only "good" grips are ivy roots which but are also very fragile. In the picture - view out of the overhang ...



43715. ... and towards the top of it.



43717. Drooping bittercress, Cardamine enneaphyllos, deveterolistna konopnica in Slovenian



43718. View up the cave entrance slope from the plateau at the western side of the bottom, surrounded by a low stone fence.



43720. View of the bend to the tighter part of the passage which leads to the excavation site. During the last large excursion on December 15, the photographer managed to descend through it on his own but the way back would be questionable without the help of Uroš. Today he was not present and the excavation team was small, just 4 of them, and had to be unimpeded in their quest as much as possible. The site itself was also rather tight and the task of making some reasonable pictures while at the same time respecting half of the team's desire for web silence was just too much for the limited capabilities of the photographer. So not to proceed was the only feasible choice.



43719. Contact of the cave collapse and its ceiling is made of loose stones which are in places covered with calcite deposit.



43721. Another view, closer to the exit of the passage



43722. The cave entrance hall is just immense ...



43723. This rock is dark gray on the surface but intense white in the middle.



43724. Spring is just around the corner and this ivy ornated arc on Petnjak slope is no exception.



43725. A duck-looking cloud above the northern Petnjak wall



43728. The snack: cooked spinach and chard, black cumin oil, garlic, bread, cabbage burek, dates, tangerine, jam of plums, aronia juice with vegetable water



Old Road Sežana - Bazovica


43730. Strange string on the road ...



43731. ... is a chain of connected caterpillars. They are pine processionaries, Thaumetopoea pityocampa, borov prelec in Slovenian, a very dangerous pest for pine trees, their hair is also poisonous and causes severe irritation in mammals if touched. The first obviously could not see far enough and so they are not moving in perpendicular direction (across the road) but in a very lightly inclined diagonal, nearly parallel to the road border. Will take ages to get to the other side, if they will not be crushed by some cyclist sooner.




  Ludvikova učna pot / Ludvik Educational Trail, March 13    Jerihovca Cave, March 27  

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