Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Radošca / Radoshitza Cave
Holes at the Rim of the Calcite Connected Collapse

Evening of March 27, 2019, 13 pictures

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To Cave Bottom


43854. View of neatly stacked empty buckets and about a third of a cubic meter of rocks in the mid-cave depot from below



43844. At the bottom of the collapse ...



43845. ... a horizontal tunnel, about 3 m long starts, a bypass of the collapse



43846. Towards the end of the tunnel ...



43848. ... a closer view reveals that the left wall is not solid ...



43849. ... there is a niche in it.



43850. The positioning of the rocks must have been just too tempting for the Članska vas excavation team to ignore. Bypass digging is in the solid rock, while here it can be done just with a hand and a crowbar.



43851. There are many small openings among the rocks, and a closer view in the direction of the tunnel ...



43852. ... also shows a solid ceiling. Which means that further digging could be done without the fear that it would trigger the collapse movement. The draft in the cave was constant, all the way from the entrance to the bottom, but it was hard to say where it disappeared in the collapse.



43853. View out from the end of the tunnel - the photographer was positioned legs to the end.



At the Cave Entrance


43856. Early evening view, after the sunset, across Radošca collapse doline



43855. Drooping bittercress, Cardamine enneaphyllos, deveterolistna konopnica in Slovenian, about two weeks behind in growth to its kin in Petnjak.



43857. A forest road in Lanski vrh, view north



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