Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Kanin Mountains
Across the Tough Rock Sea

August 3 and 4, 2019, 46 pictures

          Most images are approximately 768 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Names of the speleo event participants depicted in the pictures: Claudio Bratos and Paolo Cossi. Closer identification of plants and names checkup was made by Luka Pintar.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2019.

From Cable Car D Station to Renetovo brezno Cave


45005. View of Mt. Prestreljenik (2.498 m) and its southern gravel slope from the trail to Mt. Visoki Kanin



45006. Large'flowered leopard-bane, Doronicum grandiflorum, velecvetni divjakovec in Slovenian



45007. View south across the rocky desert from the junction of the trail to Mt. Visoki Kanin and the western trail to Koča Petra Skalarja / Peter Skalar Hut, with Mt. Matajur (1.650 m) at the right side



45008. Mid-morning snack: cooked chickpeas, cooked chard and spinach, black cumin oil, garlic, dates, bread, grated solidified coconut oil, aronia juice with chard and spinach water



45010. View south from the inside of an overhang



45011. The long but easy trail across the gravel southern slopes, Dolgi prodi, ends here. View of the via ferrata which leads to the peak - we forked off here, to the south, in the direction of Mt. Visoka glava (2.310 m).



45013. Paolo and Claudio close to the bottom of the speedy descent down the gravel slope



45015. A grove of yellow alpine poppy, Papaver alpinum subsp. rhaeticum, julijski mak in Slovenian ...



45014. ... and two blossoms, up close



45016. Ghost-shaped snow remains in a shady pit in the rock



Renetovo brezno (-1.322 m) Cave Entrance


45019. Rope rigging - some old, some new. The darkest rope, 11.5 mm corde spéléo, was installed just for the following picture



45020. View south across the upper cave entrance with caving instructor Paolo on the rope and Mt. Vrh Laške Planje (2.446 m) top right



45024. Paolo in the less used, but more easily penetrable lower entrance, situated on the northern side, about 5 m below the upper one.



45023. It leads nearly horizontally to the ...



45022. ... pit, about 15 m deep, where a horizontal shelf is followed by the 235 m Adrenalin shaft, the deepest of the entire descent.



45025. Claudio as velikan (giant, man mountain) with Mt. Vrh Laške Planje (center)



45026. More alpine poppy, in balanced arrangement



45027. A truckload of past winter's snow above the cave



From Renetovo brezno (-1.322 m) to Koča Petra Skalarja / Peter Skalar Hut


45029. Spiniest thistle, Cirsium spinosissimum, trnati osat, with a remarkable, pagoda roof resembling branch structure



45030. A grove of edelweiss, Leontopodium alpinum, planika in Slovenian, probably the most adored alpine flower



45031. A little green pillow of deep purple blossoming grass found its place in a hole of a rock plateau.



45032. The trail from JZS (Speleological Association of Slovenia) bivouac to Peter Skalar hut is marked in red, with an x over a line.



45033. Another yellow poppy grove



45034. After crossing this inclined limestone pavement a storm broke out, rain followed by hail.



45035. Mountain clover, Trifolium montanum, gorska detelja in Slovenian, amidst little balls of frozen rain ...



45037. ... and so is Potentilla nitida, triglavska roža in Slovenian.



45038. The storm cleared up on the north and this view opened up, with Mt. Prestreljenik at the left, as seen from the hut.



45039. View south was still dark, with a small opening in the clouds.



45040. Luxury of the Skalar supper: baked chicken legs, bread, garlic, beetroot salad, tomato salad, plums, cucumber, oatmeal cookies, rice pie with blueberries, watermelon, plum compote



45041. View of Mt. Konjc, adjacent to the hut in the southeastern direction, the sky is brightening up quickly.



45043. Chamois on a Mt. Konjc outcrop



August 4, from Koča Petra Skalarja / Peter Skalar Hut to the Cable Car D Station


45045. Early morning (5.30 a. m.) view of Mt. Konjc ...



45046. ... and to the northeast, towards the central part of the Julian Alps



45047. Oscar from Denmark



45048. The team, against the morning sun



45049. Paolo



45051. View from the trail to Mt. Prestreljenik, its window and the trail to Visoki Kanin



45052. A particularly large grove of velecvetni divjakovec



45053. A basket of alpine forget-me-not, Myosotis alpestris, gorska spominčica in Slovenian



45054. An 8-piece cairn



45055. White alpine poppy, Papaver alpinum subsp. ernesti-mayeri



45056. View east-northeast towards the Rombon ridge, from the top of the Prevala chair lift



45057. Natural bridge west of the chair lift line



Čezsoča Village


45058. Upstream view from the Soča river bridge with Mt. Kozji breg (1.240 m) ...



45059. ... and a downstream view. The beach is fine, the scenery is wonderful, just the water could be slightly warmer for some swimming action ...



Rabeljsko jezero Lake / Lago del Predil, 959 m


45060. View northeast across the lake with Rabeljske špice / Cinque Punte (1.909 m) in the background




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