Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Mt. Golica, 1.836 m
Views of the Julian Alps

August 18, 2019, 19 pictures

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From Planina pod Golico to the Top


45122. Sun patches in a dense spruce forest at 1.100 m a. s. l.



45123. View of Mala Golica, 1.646 m, from the trail at about 1.400 m



45124. The snack: cooked chard and spinach, cooked chickpeas, dates, black cumin oil, grated coconut oil, cherry jam, bread, poppy seed bread with raisins, aronia juice with chard and spinach water



45125. View south to Mt. Triglav from the snack scene



45126. Wooly thistle, Cirsium eriophorum, volnatoglavi osat in Slovenian, blossom with a scarab and a ladybird



45128. View of the Julian Alps (upper right) from the trail just below the Koča na Golici mountain hut



45130. Another view south, towards Mt. Triglav (literally translated as three heads) over the forested hills and a meadow with sheep grazing



45131. A grove of wooly thistle balls with a bumblebee pasturing on a blossom



45133. The trail to the top of Mt. Golica is gentle, adorned by dry grass and with ...



45135. ... magnificent views.



45138. A grove of tormentil, Potentilla erecta, srčna moč in Slovenian



45137. Mt. Golica southern slope has good buoyancy wind and is a popular destination for gliders from the nearby Lesce-Bled airport.





45139. Part of the 500-head sheep herd on pasture on Golica, tended by a shepherd and his dog. The sheep come from 50 different owners and the pasture time is from the end of May to mid-September. He plans to add another dog next year.



45140. The trail winds down throgh the young spruce forest.



45141 - 45142. Vertical panoramic view of Slap Bašar / Bašar waterfall



45143. At the side of the parking lot this old mine entrance is to be found. It is Korlnov rov / Korl (Charly's) tunnel, originally of considerable length ...



45144. ... now ends with a collapse after 14 m.



45145. View towards the entrance from the collapse



45146. Large white mushrooms, about 20 cm in diameter




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