Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Excursion of the 4. h Class Schoolmates, Šubičeva gimnazija, Ljubljana (June 1967)

October 15, 13 pictures

Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Event participants who contributed to the making of these pictures (family names are as of 1967): Radojka Verčko, Sinja Zemljič, Bojana Žokalj - Boja, Jelka Skitek and Matjaž Vodušek.

Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin except photos 45602 and 45613, published here with permission of the author, who chose to remain anonymous.




45613. Matjaž, Sinja, Radojka, Primož, Jelka and Boja in the yard of Sinja's home.



Šahen Lowland


45598. We made a stop at the roadside, to stretch out the legs, get some fresh air and ...



45599. ... take this photo of Matjaž and Radojka in the autumn coloured ferns.



Matić poljana field


45606. WWII monument, of a tragic event which took place here in the night from 19. to 20. February 1944. A brigade of resistance fighters (partizani) was close to the end of 50 km long march to Mrkopalj, at -25 deg. C, in deep snow, in a blizzard when 26 participants froze to death in this field. Each of them is represented by one of the depicted karst stone pillars.



45602. The author at the side of the road from Matić poljana to Bijele stijeen / White Rocks



45604. Trunk of an old beech tree, with overgrown branch stumps, from about 2 meters above ground and up ...



45603. ... as well as the entire tree



45605. An ample beech tree in all shades from yellow to brown, on a spruce backdrop



45600. A snack, and as it later turned out also a lunch: cooked chickpeas, cooked chard and spinach, corn bread, garlic, dates, black cumin oil, solidified coconut oil, mini croissant by Radojka, tarragon cake by Sinja, apricot jam, aronia juice with chard and spinach water



Tuk and Mrkopalj


45607. View of Tuk and Mrkopalj (in the distance) from the south, from the road to Matić poljana



45608. Tuk graveyard with church of St. Peter and Paul. Here a grave is to be found, a grave of the namesake of defence minister in Yugoslavia, 1982 - 1988. The latter now lives in Seljanovo near Tivat, Montenegro.



45609. A large vegetable garden at the western side of Jakino street (right). The street continues north as a road which passes the town dump after 2 km. A km further north a tractor track forks off to the left and not far further Pilarova ledenica ice cave is to be found. It is the most remarkable of its kind in the entire region of Gorski Kotar. The road sign on the main road indicated the cave is 45 minutes walk away which translates into 5 minutes from the road/track junction. Yet the truck and excavator (right) signalled there is trouble ahead. A large ditch was carved across Jakino street, it was impassable for cars and will stay so at least until tomorrow. A grandson of a trip participant had to be picked from after school care at 6 p. m. and there was no time to walk to the cave from here. So the highlight of this report, as far as the author and cave loving readership is concerned, is missing. The visit is postponed to an eventual future occasion ...



Novi Lazi


45612. View to a sun window in the cloudy western horizon, over Novi Lazi ULA (Ultra Light Aircraft) airstrip near Kočevska Reka



  Climbing Wall at the Vranja jama Cave, October 5      Jama v Ajdovcu / Ajdovec Hill Cave, October 22  

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