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Brezno pod Prevejkom
A Cave Easy to Miss

April 6, 2020, 29 pictures

          The cave (brezno in Slovenian, from brez-dno (bottom-less) can be translated to shaft or pit) is difficult to spot until you are in the immediate vicinity. Windstorms in the past years, combined with the great frozen rain disaster in 2014 littered a previously plain, clean NW slope of Prevejk hill (529 m) with many fallen trunks and overturned spruce stumps. The village just NE from the cave is Goričica pod Krimom and on April 29, 2019 a man from the village, from the last home at the side of the southbound forest road which passes below the cave, showed the author the approximate place where the cave is located. They failed to find the cave but as the author stayed on location a while longer his mission was met with success. He cleared the dry branches and a small stump which were piled above the entrance and a small pit opened up. Today the author and Andreja Peterlin visited the cave, ready to descend into it. Two recent trips to the place were aimed at refreshing the memory about the whereabouts of the cave. During the second visit the pit depth was estimated at about 6 meters, the easiest approach was found to be from the NW, from the forest road which makes use of the now abandoned railroad route, and the distance from Kamnik pod Krimom, over Žalostna gora hill and Prevalje village was measured to be one hour on foot. Because of the recent corona virus events access by car was avoided.
          Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Full names of persons who also contributed to the making of this report: Claudio Bratos, Krzysiek Handzlik. Luka Pintar and Behare Rexhepi clarified several botanical issues in this report.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2020.

Kamnik pod Krimom


47007. The shortest route to the cave from Kamnik pod Krimom is very different from the shortest route by car. It requires the ascent to the saddle below the top of Žalostna gora hill.



Prevalje pod Krimom


47040. View across the village, to the southwest, from the Žalostna gora hill slope



Goričica pod Krimom


47008. Blooming young pear tree ...



47009. ... here in a closer view



46990. A rooster and 12 of his 13 hens, at the side of the last home on the access road



Brezno pod Prevejkom


47010. A forest track which forks off (uphill) the forest road passes some 50 m north of the cave.



47011. Dropping the aluminum wire caving ladder into the cave



47016. The nearest solid anchor is a beech tree, some 3 m from the entrance. Blue overall was contributed by Claudio, helmet light by Krzysiek.



47012. Spring vetchling, Lathyrus vernus, spomladanski grahor in Slovenian, just above the pit



47013. The first descent into the unknown is not a piece of cake.



47014. Cave entrance with caving ladder, the leaves top right belong to hart's-tongue, Phyllitis scolopendrium (jelenov jezik in Slovenian) and to wild garlic, Allium ursinum (čemaž).



47015. View down the entrance pit with a caver at the bottom



47017. Downhill from the cave entrance there are 5 spruces and 2 beeches.



47018. View of cave entrance from the ladder ...



47020. ... and from the bottom.



47023. As the 10 m ladder ends about 0.6 m above the top of the pit bottom, its depth can be estimated at 7 m.



47021. This lesser horseshoe bat, Rhinolophus hipposideros, mali podkovnjak in Slovenian, sleeps on the southern wall. The end of the excursion left him in the same condition. No siblings were observed.



47022. The bottom slope descends, rather steeply, in the southern and western direction - here the western corner is depicted.



47026. In places the side walls of the bottom are heavily corroded and many rock knives dot the surface.



47028. Besides the bat this black slug was the only larger cave inhabitant.



47029. Bottom of the pit is actually an inclined shelf, on which the rocks which fell from above accumulated. At the bottom the wall of a continuation pit is visible, but advance would only be possible after quite a lot of heavy rocks would be hauled up the shaft.



47030. The pit has several small side siblings ...



47031. ... such as this one.



47032. Large flat rock outcrop at the bottom top



47034. Climbing out is almost done - view out towards the entrance.



47035. All is well that ends well - climbing up the ladder secured feels good.



47037. The forest track on return winds down in a young deciduous forest.



47038. Holes, dug into the earth embankment below the eastern wall of the old railroad route, probably by badgers.



47039. Hacquetia epipactis, tevje in Slovenian - it has no common English name.




  Jakorlinov dimnik, March 24     Retovje, Članska vas and Vranja jama Cave, May 1  


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