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Karlovica Caves, Little Natural Bridge and Tkalca jama Cave
A Stroll from Cerkniško jezero Lake to Rakov Škocjan Caving Eldorado

December 19, 2020, 18 pictures

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Karlovica Caves


48708. View from the roadside viewpoint to the SW part of the Lake Cerknica plain



48709. A stream which flows into Velika Karlovica cave



48710. View of the creek from above the trash rake, it is closing the cave entrance



48711. Above the rake is an artificial shaft, through which the interior of the cave is accessible during low water level (drought).



48712. Mechanism for manual lifting of locks behind the rake



48713. A large bed of perennial honesty, Lunaria rediviva on the way to Mala Karlovica cave, ...



48714. ... here the plants are seen up close.



Mali naravni most / Little Natural Bridge, Zelške jame Caves


48718. View of the Little Natural Bridge and the river Rak below it from the viewpoint at the bridge side.



48722. The Rak river Rak as seen from the path that leads through the cave and below the bridge



48721. Collapse doline below the bridge, view from the cave path



48719. View of the bridge from below



48720. Moss overgrown end of dry branch



Tkalca jama Cave / Weaver's Cave


48723. Full Rak riverbed in the entrance hall of the cave, view from the slope below the southern entrance



48725. River behind the eastern cave entrance



48726. View of the rapids in front of the lower tunnel which leads to the cave interior



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