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Zavinka jama and Ogrizkov spodmol
Gentle Caves

February 20, 2021, 24 pictures

          Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Persons, related to these pictures: Ludvik and Matej Husu, who participated in the making of these pictures. Photo 49005 was significantly improved by Joc Žibret who eliminated the blue light reflection in the lower left corner.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2021, except the photo labeled L_Husu_M_in_K, where the credits go to Ludvik Husu.


Zavinka jama Cave


49022. In the forest above the entrance to the cave, Ludvik and Matej



49021. Cave entrance from the outside, Matej



49020. View from the cave towards the entrance, Ludvik



49012. Pans at the end of the cave



49005. Matej



49007. Dripstone heap with a stalactite curtain above it, Matej



49009. Dripstone pan with pebbles, against the light



49010. Black cave pearl



49013. The second oldest signature in the cave: July 5, 1893 ...



49014. ... and the oldest signature: July 31, 1892



49017. Interesting indentations in the left side wall - if turned towards the exit



L_Husu_M_in_K. Matej and Klok are checking the shot just made. Photo by Ludvik Husu, published with permission.



49018. Stalactite decoration on the same side of the wall, a little further towards the entrance ...



49019. ... here up close.



Sajevške ponikve Sinkhole


49023. View from the cave to the outside, Matej and Ludvik ...



49024. ... and a view from the same location towards the inside of the entrance tunnel.



Ogrizkov spodmol Cave


49025. The entrance to the cave is on a slope, about 60 feet above the field.



49034. Another view from the entrance hall towards the outside, Matej



49033. In the daylight zone a protective wall was erected in the tunnel.



49026. White dots are drops of water on a dripstone wall.



49027. The cave ends with a steep slope that closes the tunnel. On the right, however, the Bypass Tunnel begins, returning to the other side of the slope; Matej.



49028. The ceiling of the largest hall in the Bypass Tunnel gets close to the surface, as evidenced by this root web.



49029. View of the hall from the lower side of the Bypass Tunnel



49031. Side pocket in the Bypass Tunnel



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