Vjetrenica on Popovo polje in southern Hercegovina, September 2002

The 16 pictures on this page typically have the size of 300 times 400 pixels. A click on the picture will enlarge it to 600 times 800. The numbers in front of comments correspond to serial numbers of the original shots. Terms in and out in view descriptions are related to view direction - either from the standpoint towards inside the cave or towards outside. Names of galleries and places were identified with kind help of Mr. Ivo Lučić, the curator of Vjetrenica and the main author of the book: Vjetrenica - pogled u dušu zemlje, now in print; his original comments of the photos are shown in italics. Pictures authored by and copyright (c) P. Jakopin 2002; Aleksandra Bizjak contributed to all the pictures and especially the last, 5786.

Entrance, September 26

Picture 5763
5763. An afternoon view from the entrance to WNW, to Popovo polje

Picture 5764
5764. Cave etrance, a view from the outside

Main gallery

Picture 5750
5750. Junction in the Wide hall with a view of the Wind ascent, ~95 m from the entrance, a view in;
Raskrsnica u Prostranoj dvorani s pogledom na Vjetreni klanac (~95 m od ulaza)

Picture 5756
5756. Side collapse at the Tie, junction to Radovanović gallery, a view out;
Petlja, dio Glavnog kanala kod skretanja u Radovanovićev kanal

Picture 5751
5751. The collapse in the hall before the hall with the high-water syphon;
(?) krsje i blokovi u Glavnom kanalu na oko 600 metara od ulaza, neposredno iza jednog velikog desnog kanala (Radovanićeva kanala)

Around the Turkish graveyard, Tursko groblje

Picture 5752
5752. A view out to the lake

Picture 5753
5753. Rainfall from the ceiling, dripstone pans at the Hajduk* table (* hajduk = brigand, rebel against Turks);
Kamenica kod Hajdućkog stola

Picture 5754
5754. Dripstone boulder with small lake at the entrance to Gašparović gallery;
(?) Kanal desno kod Hajdućkog stola, Gašparovićev kanal

Picture 5755
5755. The lake, a view out

Pjati - hall at the entrance to the Golden Hall, 350 m from the cave entrance
Pjati - kalcitne kamenice pred ulazom u Zlatnu dvoranu (350 m od ulaza)

Picture 5757
5757. Dripstone thresholds between the pans, a view in

Picture 5761
5761. Side wall at the passage to the Golden Hall

Picture 5762
5762. Dripstone pans, a view in, against the light

Golden Hall, Zlatna dvorana

Picture 5758
5758. A view out from the centre of the hall

Picture 5759
5759. A view to dripstone cascades on the side wall

Picture 5760
5760. Entrance into the hall through the dripstone passage; a view in

Cerovačke pećine near Gračac, September 29

Picture 5786
5786. The entrance to Gornja Turkaljeva Cerovačka pećina, Primož Jakopin

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