Merry Go Round Underground / Pod zemljo je lepo

Slovenian Caving Movie, 2012

10-minute preview with English subtitles

          Merry Go Round Underground / Pod zemljo je lepo is a feature film (105 minutes) about a family trip to the underground world of Carniolian karst, Slovenia, a trip that leads to discovery of a new cave at the end of the labyrinth, and finally to a connection to a large water cave.
          The film introduces Tomaž Krajnc - Garmin as the caver Marc, Gitica Jakopin as Teena, his niece, Jakob Jakopin as Yanni, his nephew, Jerneja Slapnik Anžur as Betty, Teena's friend and Maruša Jakopin as Mary, mother of Teena and Yanni. They were supported by Igor Verstovšek, Lucija Perharič, Jožef Ropoša, Japec Jakopin and Majda Gričar, cavers Herman Brvar, Jožek Košir - Cox, Gašper Košir, Stojan Sancin in Claudio Bratoš, Sam Briscoe and Alexander Stelfox. Mateja Slapnik Anžur, Marija Jakopin, Eva Verstovšek Jakopin, Matej Verstovšek Jakopin, Jadran Jakopin, Metod di Batista, Blaž Bezek, Aleš Lajovic, Primož Presetnik and Tea Knapič, Mitja and Katarina Prelovšek, Andrej Drevenšek and Jana Stržinar also appeared in the movie.
          Music was contributed by Vivien de Corse, Peter John Ross and Antonin Dvořak, screenplay, direction and editing were done by Primož Jakopin, film lighting by Robert Slapnik, Andreja Anžur and Mateja Slapnik Anžur, abyss technique by Jožek Košir - Cox and Tomaž Krajnc. Cameramen were Primož Jakopin, Japec Jakopin and Andreja Anžur. Cave train operator was Janez Dedek, cave train escort Andraž Gorup. Boštjan Burger, Franjo Drole and Franci Malečkar also contributed to the movie. Filmed in the summer and autumn of 2012, under the auspices of Ljubljana Cave Exploration Society - Društvo za raziskovanje jam Ljubljana - DZRJL and with participation of members from Caving Section of Slovenian Alpine Society Triest - Jamarski odsek Slovenskega planinskega društva Trst, Caving Society Tornado - ŠD Tornado, Karst Research Institute - Inštitut za raziskovanje krasa, Speleo Club Železničar - Jamarski klub Železničar and York University Cave & Pothole Club.
          Shot on locations in Slovenia and Croatia: in Iški Vintgar valley, in the valley of Bohinj, in the Vrata valley, on the Sleme mountain, at the Vršič mountain pass, in the Prekmurje plain, in Planinska dolina, in Rakov Škocjan caving eldorado, in the village of Tacen, at the Ljubljansko barje marsh, at Snežnik mountain, in the bay of Koper and in the gulf of Kvarner.

          On YouTube other versions of 10-minute film summary are located, with subtitles (where appropriate) in Slovenian, Spanish, Polish and Serbian:

          and the complete movie with English titles

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