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Third European Seminar in Montecatini, October 1997

Most of the pictures on this page have the size of 128 times 192 pixels. A click on the picture or its name will enlarge it to 512 times 768. All 52 pictures taken by and copyright (c) P. Jakopin.

Sergio Viaggio Serena Lenzi Eugenio Pichi

The seminar participants on the stairs of Accademia della Crusca
... and in 1024 x 1536 pixels

Daniel Ridings Pernilla Danielsson

Montecatini Terme - Corso Roma from the East

Kemal Oflazer Elena Paskaleva

Hotel Croce di Malta - the Entrance

Petek Kurtboeke Jan Landsbergen Inguna Greitane

The Tyrennian Sea at Marina di Vecchiano

Iris Jahnke Marko Tadic
The Tower of Pisa

Maria Christina Borba Michael Barlow

Ann Lawson, lost in yellow

Norbert Volz at the keyboard ... and Oliver Mason

Tomaž Erjavec in the chiaro-scuro of Croce di Malta

Christoper Brewster Anna Mauranen

The pattern of incoming waves

Romana Kralikova Magdalena Zawislawska

Jadwiga Linde

Bumping waves, the sea in movement

Irina Shaikevich

Tatyana Yudina

Nelia Scott

Space, by Walter Pugni, on Piazza del popolo

Arne Zettersten Gerd Zettersten

Laurent Romary, the day after the dinner at Clinica Gastronomica

Mediterranean vegetation in the dry belt between the shore and the forest

Dusko Vitas and Aleksandra Bizjak

Kirsten Ploeger Hermann Schmitt

Tuscany Word Centre (TWC):

The open fire at TWC The vehicle of JMS

The future of global communication - TWC advertisement

Accademia della Crusca near Florence:

Norbert Volz at the entrance The mural The yard

The team from Croce di Malta:

Mario Frusi, Ivana Brogi, Christian Gabbani Katia Parenti


The sand, the sea and the sky

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