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Corsica, middle of August 2002

  1. Introduction
  2. Livorno to Bastia, Grotte des Anges (13)
  3. Monte Cinto (19)
  4. East coast, Solenzara to Porto Vecchio over Zonza (27)
  5. Bonifacio, Grotte du Sdragonato, Ajaccio, Grotte de Napoleon (23)
  6. Col de Vizzavona to Corte, Bastia to Livorno (19)

1. Introduction

The following pages contain 101 photographs, taken during the visit of Corsica from August 12 to 20, 2002.
         The island, a good interactive map can be found at Via Michelin -> Corse -> France, is charming, the granite mountains very special, the lonely and beautiful sandy beach not too difficult to reach. The caves on Corsica are, as Jean-Yves of I Topi Pinnuti caving club in Bastia once wrote, neither big nor beautiful. Limestone is not abundant on the island, so ordinary caves as most cave-goers are used to are not many but other cavities, some shown on the following pages, are well worth a visit. Grotte des Anges is not so difficult to find as it may seem, some patience and not much walking is all it takes.
         Most species in the pictures of flora and fauna have been identified by the author and so possible errors are his.
         Any comment is most welcome.

Livorno to Bastia, Grotte des Anges (13) 

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