Primož Jakopin, Corsica, August 2002

Col de Vizzavona to Corte, Bastia to Livorno
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Col de Vizzavona to Corte

5714. A view to the valley of the Gravona river, a few curves below Col de Vizzavona

5715. A view of Monte d'Oro (2389 m) from Col de Vizzavona

5716. She-pig trotting around, Col de Vizzavona (1161 m)

5717. Two she-pigs after the cabbage snack was almost gone

5718. A castle ruin with Monte Rotondo (2622 m) in the background, from the road Col de Vizzavona - Vivario

5719. Names of those, lost in the two world wars; monument in Vivario

5720. Wide-span concrete road bridge halfway from Vivario to Venaco, a view from the railway bridge

5721. The small arch of the bridge over Restonica at Corte, a view from the river, upstream

5722. Corte from the bridge over Restonica river

5723. The riverbed of Restonica from the bridge at Corte, downstream

La Gorge de Restonica

5724. P. de Tragone from the southwest

5725. A view of the Restonica river from Pont de Tragone, downstream

5726. P. de Tragone from the northeast

From Bastia to Livorno, aboard the ship Corsica Serena Seconda

5727. Moby lines ferry manoevring to enter the port of Bastia

5728. A couple sunbathing on the deck

5729. Ligurian sea, a view from the deck towards the sun

5730. Passengers on the right side of the ship's deck

5731. Port pilot boat in Livorno

5732. Passengers and vehicles on Deck 5 waiting to disembark

 Bonifacio, Grotte du Sdragonato, de Napoleon (15)     

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